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This my first in the DA asking what i want for christmas, so it's optional whether you do it or not it's understandable. here's my list

  1. artwork of my Avatar OCs:

Regor the lizard man Clinclang Ddxuhq6
Edwin Magnusson
Elymas Green   Rift09 By Nenril Tf Ddvzaiy
Berwin commission
Request. Gunther
Androgoran - Commission
Rift09 Commission 1 Of 2
MerMay Commission: Doriana
Centaur commission!!
Jason The Red Eyed Sorcerer Commission
Commission to rift09
Yonhon the Lizard
Prince Emer Commission
Commission : Nephi
  1. artwork of my disney and nondisney:

Chameleix, Geckoix, Marbleix, and Lacterus
CO, Rift09, Scorch
Dragon Commission
CO: Rift09, Lizzie
CO: Rift09, Skipper
  1. artwork of any of my Avatar OCs that haven't been drawn yet:

Gideon: 15 year with 6 fingers on each hand

Tiffania: blonde victorian adventurer

Bakur the fanalis

Assan the long tailed white human

Troubadourus the minstrel

Mahava with vitiligo skin disorder

Midian the 7ft tall teen

Lucas the luffy look alike

Stuart the knowledge prodigy

Devin the midget

Concord the mute teen boy

Nigel the emotionless noble(equilvalent of mai)

Jarom: opposable feet

Rissah with prehensile hair

Pedro the Sembrian(medieval spain)

Camlo the Gypsy teen boy

Veritas the truth seer

Javin(super speed)

Elmar the elf

Hugo the hunchback

Jairus the telepathic

Baildan the lion centaur

Labashi the girtablilu

note: most of my characters wore clothing in medieval and renaissance setting

3. a drawn scene of team avatar (ATLA) with any one of my OCs

4. a redraw of any one of these scenes

COMMISSION: Lizard talking to a Little Girl
Ariel's dragon
CO: Rift09, Atop the Crows Nest
Ariel and the Dragon


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Pro tip for the next try: "Hi, are you open for commissions? Or do you take requests?"

You slapped this link onto my profile just 24 hours after I posted an update saying that I'm so freaking stressed out that I nuked my inbox for the first time in 14 years on dA. Congratulation to making me freaking. fucking. angry.

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sorry about that:o

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I mean, if you want someone to draw your stuff you shall commission them or at least ask them if they are open to request, this is not very respectful.