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Plasma Rifle V2

My older reworked Plasma Rifle. Now with better grip and in three views.
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HP Scanjet djf2100
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May 3, 2012, 5:34:22 PM
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I don't know if i asked what type of gas does it use for the plasma?
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Maybe you asked, but I've forgot that. Sorry in that case. Actually I've thought that it would use deuterium and would be able to create energy for itself by combusting the deuterium and turning it into plasma. It was I think when I was like 16-19 years old? I didn't really care about scintific background on this. 

But now I'm thinking about other solution. I think there could be (in sci-fi-half-PC games speaking) a way with superconductors, metamaterials and fusion. Metamaterials can behave realy strange under right conditions (bending visible wavelength of light, room temperature superconductors, quantum levitation and more). Lets just asume, that it would be possible to create lets say a capillar nano pump, which would be able to suck a liquid medium by modulated capilarity into small fuleren shaped coils. These could be powered by dump heat (for the first iniciation you would have to fire it once like flamethrower, so you would heat small Peltiers couples and charge the superconducters). After that you would be ready to fire the gun.

And just again asume, that this weapon is made by far advanced civilization than our current one. So the charged supercoductors, filled with extremely pressurized deuterium would create a hot plasma burst by short fusion, which would take only few pikoseconds, but would be enought to fire extremly hot, dense and fast plasma ray. But due to reaction of action of such fast projectile, it would fire the gun several meters backward. This would be something like maximum overpowered type of shot. For normal use, it would shoot something with speed lets say slightly above 900 m/s (berreta sniper has about 850 m/s) with much lower recoil. After that you could maby work with shooting medium (maybe purity), overpowering of superconductors etc.

I realy like the idea, that it shoot plasma out of nanofusion directional reactor, which work thanks to metamaterial nano cascade capillars.

So maybe something like that. What you think it could work? I know, that in the Terminator universe, the terminators have also plasma weapons, which shoots plasma made of water particles - in the terms of Oxygen and Hydrogen, it could be quite devastating combination.
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This would be a cool design to a Exotic Autorifle in Destiny
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That is a really nice weapon design.
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Thank you :-), I have done some concepts of plasma weapons, and this one is by far my best. I imagined it could fire same way as plasma guns in Terminator films.
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damn nice gun!
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Oh, now that looks cool
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Well thank you :-)
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I'd like to see what the old grip looked like
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Here you have it [link] - As you can see, when I've done first version, I wasn't thinking much. It would break your thumb while shooting (Also you would not be able to hold it comfotable). So I've used modified SVD Dragunov's grip.
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Ah, yes, the whole "lack of a thumbhole" thing. I made that mistake with some of my older guns, especially ones with a bullpup configuration. I didn't know that guns needed thumb control until under a year and a half ago when I got a lot of complaints about the design of this gun (an energy projectile rifle that fires superheated tungsten bullets.) They told me not only would the shooter not get nearly enough control when firing the weapon, but his/her thumb would get burned because it'd be pressed up against the drum mag that holds the red-hot bullets! My redesign fixed that problem by adding a thumbhole and an insulated magazine that doesn't burn your hand. I still wanna redo that gun using the level of skill I currently have, since I wasn't half as good at drawing guns even one year ago.
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Yes I can see - ergonomic grip is a bit tricky ... I used to draw a lot guns, tanks and whole stuff of weaponry. Then I've bought some book about weapons of 20. and 21. century across all spectrum. I've realized that effective weapon isn't that one, which looks most cool, or have most secondary abilities, or have two canons on turret - these don't win the fights (still like them though, for example Mammoth tank from cnc is pretty awesome). Effective weapon is cheap, easy to repair, reliable, able to use big spectrum of ammunition and is easy to use in different situations. And that brought me to idea, that the most powerful weapon of mass destruction is AK-47 - none of other things have taken so many lives across the history. So I've changed my whole understanding of weapons. I have more respect I could say. To meaning of weapon or to its design.
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Yeah the AK is a great, famous and versatile gun, can't argue with that :3
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That reworked grip fits much better imo. Nice work!
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