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Plasma Rifle

My old sketch of plasma rifle, now reworked.
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HP Scanjet djf2100
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Oct 29, 2010, 1:12:38 PM
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killer247ya's avatar
Can i use this in a game ill give you creadit
Rievil's avatar
Hi! Well, if you tell me what kind of game it will be, I might consider it. In fact I could try to design something for you, if it would be ok. I presume, you are making some indie-kind game, am I right?
Seukonnen's avatar
You have looked into my brain and drawn the awesome plasma rifle concept I have been trying to draw for months. Amazing.

But where does the thumb go?
Rievil's avatar
Yes I know ... I was talking about this thing somewhere here ... I made a mistake during the drawing, so you wouldn't handle it properly. I've tried to fix that in Plasma Rifle V2 :-)
Great-5's avatar
Lack of thumbhole aside, I love this design! So if it's a plasma gun then what does that drum-shaped magazine-type thing hold? Is it a power cell, perhaps? Or maybe it's a canister of plasma gas, or perhaps holds pellets of solid material to be vaporized by a laser and ionized into plasma bolts (I've seen some plasma weapons in sci-fi work like that before, like the PIG phased-plasma infantry gun from Aliens.)
Rievil's avatar
I like you interest in this one :-) I've kinda used concept of plasma guns from film Terminator. There is liquid medium vaporized and by its own expanding its splashed out trough nozzle. Some small nuclear reaction could be used as energy source. Inside the collar, where are small cells (in V2 you can see them) is "plazma-trap" that can hold hot plazma for some time, so process of firing looks like: 1. heating liquid, turning it into plasma (0,3s); 2.a firing it; 2.b or you can safe hot plazma for about 1 minute to shoot later; 3. cooling by turning collar a bit (0,2-1s). Nozzle is adjustable, so you can switch it into rifle or shotgun style. You can imagine that hot plazma in form of moving cloud could be really devastating. Liquid medium could be some reactive kind for explosive effect, or with high viscosity for huge impact, or full of neurotoxin, or filled with nanobots. I design this weapon for postapocaliptic era for elite, so there are no magazines, mechanical parts are minimized, and there is just tank for liquids, and fuel cells as source of energy. You could shoot even water from it and it would be devastating. There is one tiny handicap - I'm not sure how radioactive it would get after some time.
Robbe25's avatar
This flows very beautifully!
Rievil's avatar
Thanks, I am going to make a better version, and more types according to this archetype of weapon.
Robbe25's avatar
Awesome. Can't wait to see them!
exo-bio's avatar
Love it, needs to be in a game or movie. I love its sleek design. What color scheme does it have?
Rievil's avatar
Thanks man! I am going to make a better version, with side view and so on. But color scheme ... Well I made it to wild nature, or apocaliptic environment. Probably not very shinny, more dark, like brown, silver and grey. Maybe if you remember film The Fifth Element, then the gun what Gary Oldman had in the end of the film, that color schema would do the job.
exo-bio's avatar
Yeah I can definitely see a more neutral color scheme looking awesome.
coldcuts85's avatar
very plausible design. the sphere in the center would hold the minirature particle accelerator that produces the plasma.
Rievil's avatar
Yes, in every shot, the round part spin about 3° degrees, cause there are mini coolers for injection plasma made out of D2O. In fact, round part is only magazine for D2O, plasma is generated only in the moment of shooting (hot plasma can be hold in gun for about half a minute, in this time you have to shoot it or carefully release into space), its not stock in there, like bullets in the normal gun. There is about 23 coolers in it, so you can shoot up to 23-times and then you have to wait. And because plasma can change its shape, also elevation of firing nozzle can be adjusted to shotgun type, or straight shooting.
LordReserei's avatar
Looks cool, like something you'd see in the Mass Effect series.
Rievil's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you compare my Plasma Rifle with awesome guns from ME series :-)
Phobos-1996's avatar
Phobos-1996's avatar
Ok, you're just overpowering it by making it bigger.
Rievil's avatar… Here is that bigger brother, if you are still interest.
Rievil's avatar
Yes I can see, you want it :-), and I want it too. And I have already prepared bigger brother to this one.
z-vav's avatar
Nějak mi nedochází jak se ta puška drží. A pokud je to tak, jak si myslím, tak se drží opravdu nepříjemně. Až na ten jeden detail je to super design :)
Rievil's avatar
No přesně tak jak to vidíš, špatně by se to drželo. Chtěl jsem napodobit rukojeť lovecké pušky, její úzký a nízký profil, jenže jak jsem se zažral do zbytku, úplně mi uteklo že takhle bych musel mít palec, no asi zlomený. Děkuju za kritiku každopádně, těší mě že se líbí design :-)
z-vav's avatar
Chápu, jak to bylo myšleno, škoda, že jsi to nepřekreslil..., nicméně to můžeš doupravit ve photoshopu. A já tobě :iconthxfavplz:
BlueFalcon04's avatar
I really like this. especially the grip and stock which I'm assuming are wood?
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