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Historical Street

View on historical street. I drew it according to the photograph, that I've found on the web. I've wanted to understand more to urban logic in buildings placement.
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HP Scanjet djf2100
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Mar 11, 2011, 6:26:28 PM
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Check out my profile art gallery!:) (Smile) 
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Well acording to your whole gallery here on DA, this Wow mean to me something really big. I mean - thanks a lot :-D
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Are you kidding me!?? :jawdrop: You artwork is mazing and far beyond mine!! :faint:
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Wow! Good job! I did something similar just a few days ago.
Rievil's avatar
Thx :-) Really? let me se ...
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love this sketch...great work ^^
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Thanks a lot.
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you're very welcome :D
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Wow, scapes like this intimidate me, everything seems so cluttered with buildings, and getting the perspective and the placing of windows and the like in the right place, it's daunting to look at. Any advice?^^; This is seriously good!
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This is drawn by photo. And well - I don't draw every day, so it take me some time in every picture to have some level of precision. For example when I start drawing some work, its horrible from beginning, and after 1 hour, I finally can draw what I have in mind. So my advice for this is lot of practice, and don't think about some work, that is in it's beginning, that it looks horrible and it cannot turn out nicely. After some time you will just sink into picture and photo. But I can't achieve this state every time. However many thanks and good luck with your work!
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Thanks! I really appreciate it :-)
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You are most welcome. :D
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Looks absolutely fantastic! brilliant work :)
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Thank you! This is really flattering :-)
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you're most welcome :)
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This is a fantastic artwork!
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I didn't expect, that people will have this kind of feeling about this work. Thank you very much!
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I really do!

You have talent!!
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Thank you, I am already making another drawing based on photo.
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velice pěkné
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