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Just reworked my old view of cyborg.

This one is not precisely that kind of cyborg, when we take human, divide it into parts, give some biomechanic stuff inside and put it back together.

This one is more humane than the first one ... Its in in fact artificial life based on human genome, grown and upgraded. Some parts have been totally changed, like legs (two joints in the knee would be less worning) or whole surface of body. Feet are modified for walking on the thick materials, like concrete, asphalt or plastic, so this is version for cities. It can be changed for dusts, high snow, jungle and so on. As well as legs, can be modified other parts. On the back, there are clips, for attaching big scale of different items.

This model of cyborg, would exist in post apocaliptic world, where remains few humans, hide from anger (or agony, depends on cause of disaster) of Earth locked in the bunkers and armed with technology. It would be too much risky to go out from bunkers (cities), so they built this for exploring and getting things right out in the world. Personality and whole mind of them would be created by connecting artificial mind of "empty" cyborg to human mind, so this human teaches a shell what it is(the shell), who it is and why was he created. There would be some safety nodes, that would create boundaries for cyborg mind. Could this being understand? Would it help them? Can be started some kind of love as instrument of authority to its teacher? Or would the mind and personality arise from itself? Would it want to break the boundaries?

What would you do? Would you help humans? Maybe they could lie to you. Or maybe not.
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Pěkná hračka :-)
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Díky, leželo mi to tu už skoro dva měsíce tak sem se rozhodl že to už konečně uloaduju.
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Eště to chce vybarvit :-) ten předešlý se ti povedl
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No možná to budu kolorovat, ještě se uvidí. Záleží na zkouškách :-D
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Congratulations on your style. I'd like to see the protagonist for the contest of my sci-fi cover's book (deadline February 14, 2012). Let me know, thanks;)
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Thank you very much! It's an honor for me, and I would love to draw the protagonist for the contest of yours (or at least try). But I have no idea what does it have to be.
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Basically you have to do the cover for Volume#2.

see the announcement here : [link]

Volume#1 is here: [link]

The digital magazine is in A5 format, but the file is bigger is better;)

You can choose two ways...

1)Inside the magazine there are very different stories.
A post-apocalyptic series;
One is inspired by the TV series Lost;
One is set on a spaceship of scientists, the atmosphere Alien, but not aliens;
One is inspired by the comic book series Aeroball (appeared in 2000AD).

If you want you can take a cue from those to make your cover (with edit of writing)


2) If you want to create an illustration separately, astonish my eyes;)(always written with the edit)

If you have any other questions, will be happy to respond.
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