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commented on Plasma Rifle V2 by
Maybe you asked, but I've forgot that. Sorry in that case. Actually I've thought that it would use deuterium and would be able to create energy for itself by combusting the deuterium and turning it into plasma. It was I think when I was like 16-19 years old? I didn't really care about scintific background on this. 

But now I'm thinking about other solution. I think there could be (in sci-fi-half-PC games speaking) a way with superconductors, metamaterials and fusion. Metamaterials can behave realy strange under right conditions (bending visible wavelength of light, room temperature superconductors, quantum levitation and more). Lets just asume, that it would be possible to create lets say a capillar nano pump, which would be able to suck a liquid medium by modulated capilarity into small fuleren shaped coils. These could be powered by dump heat (for the first iniciation you would have to fire it once like flamethrower, so you would heat small Peltiers couples and charge the superconducters). After that you would be ready to fire the gun.

And just again asume, that this weapon is made by far advanced civilization than our current one. So the charged supercoductors, filled with extremely pressurized deuterium would create a hot plasma burst by short fusion, which would take only few pikoseconds, but would be enought to fire extremly hot, dense and fast plasma ray. But due to reaction of action of such fast projectile, it would fire the gun several meters backward. This would be something like maximum overpowered type of shot. For normal use, it would shoot something with speed lets say slightly above 900 m/s (berreta sniper has about 850 m/s) with much lower recoil. After that you could maby work with shooting medium (maybe purity), overpowering of superconductors etc.

I realy like the idea, that it shoot plasma out of nanofusion directional reactor, which work thanks to metamaterial nano cascade capillars.

So maybe something like that. What you think it could work? I know, that in the Terminator universe, the terminators have also plasma weapons, which shoots plasma made of water particles - in the terms of Oxygen and Hydrogen, it could be quite devastating combination.
Plasma Rifle V2
commented on Square by
As a admirer of your work I must say you keep doing the same rifle "in different shapes" again and again.
Square Blaser Corvus DSR3000-secondary DSR3000-primary 

Maybe its only my impression, but when I look at weapon designs in 20. and 21. century, you can find tremendous amount of variety in designs, shapes, function, origin and so on. When I look at these weapons, they are piece of art, from the moddeling point of view, materials to rendering ... but they are all from same familly if you know what i mean.

They are all clean, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic. You create them, as they are never gona be used, or get damaged, repaierd, or taken apart and cleaned. This elmag fed sniper rifle could need for example change a barrel after lets say after 3000 shots (barrel in M4 carabine have 10,000 shot guranteed).

All these weapons are clearly high-tech armament, but they lack key functions that could move them from our present view of "rifle". For example guidance for mid-flight aimed projectiles, gyrostabalization of barrel build-in weapon itself, adjustable emag plasma nozzel for switching between shotgun and rifle, syringe firig rifle for sedating animals (or maybe anesthetic could be change to form of plasma too?), semi-automatic micro-rocket launcher (Israel army is messing with it last 3 years or so), harpoon for catching boats/vehicles/people (they used some to transfer fuel between large boats or oil platforms, first catch dull harpoon to net, then stretch the pipe - this could be for fueling spaceships? or stealling fuel from tankers?), catapult gun for firing minidrones (or micro self-destruct satelites), or weapon that can act as a drone.

I really admire your skill and craftmanship with your guns, but maybe you could try to go out of your style a little bit, and experiment with designs, functions and color schemes.
I hope you will keep up the good work and don't be mad at me :-) I would love to see elmag rocket launcher made by you, or a flamer gun or antisatelite laser canon ... or anything different than laser/elmag/projectile rifle/smg/pistol. You have already made plenty of those, and they are really great. With skill you have, give chance to more variety.

I wish you best of luck with next designs!
commented on 's profile
Thank you a lot! I didn't expect any wishes here on DA ... so thx, I really do appreciate it :-) And Merry Christmas to you!
commented on Plasma Rifle V2 by
Thank you :-), I have done some concepts of plasma weapons, and this one is by far my best. I imagined it could fire same way as plasma guns in Terminator films.
Plasma Rifle V2
commented on 's collection
I can't thank you enough ... this is most motivating comment I've got on DA so far. I have lack of inspiration in past days - mainly due to school and ongoing finals. I'm in the state of speculating about my drawings as useless hobby, because I need to successfully finish college and find a job, and drawing just can't fulfil this. But ... then I take pencils, and paper and all the tools, and I am again like "screw this ... let's draw that wizard house I thought about lately" and I love it ... its like get lost in that imaginary world of creation ... This still give me safety, that I will still draw. Just have to set up priorities right. So thanks again :-) I don't think my drawings will show someday in film or game (it would be awesome though!), they are not enough professional. But I can dream of it at least :-)