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[Needle felted] White-breasted nuthatch

Poseable bird doll. Needle felted body and head, wings and tail are of hand-painted fabric.

Materials: wool, wire, fabric, polymer clay, epoxy clay, plastic eyes, acrylic paint and glue.
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Wow! So beautiful and realistic, as always!

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Thank you so much! The making of this one was quite tricky, and I'm very happy with the result :D

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I'm sure it was, but the result really is amazing. I'm still blown away how you can make your birds posable as well as so realistic. All the poses look so natural and lively. :)

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Outstanding! As usual. You even got the shading on the underside! Well done.

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Thank you so much! :w00t:

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so beautiful!! wow!

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Thanks so much! ^_^

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Have u ever tried posing it in front of a live bird and seeing how they would react?

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I never tried! Don't know if my birds are realistic enough to fool the eye of a real bird though ^^; Especially knowing that birds can see colors that we can't. But it still would be interesting! xD maybe their behavior would differ depending on the species.

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