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The Eponymous Duo by RieselUniverse The Eponymous Duo :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 0 0 The Endless Argument by RieselUniverse The Endless Argument :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 10 0 Salona model (SL) by RieselUniverse Salona model (SL) :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 0 0 Pointy and Dangerous by RieselUniverse Pointy and Dangerous :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 7 0 Aquatic Assassin by RieselUniverse Aquatic Assassin :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 14 3 Nhauh the Bicseyr'n by RieselUniverse Nhauh the Bicseyr'n :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 12 2 Greetings from Ramy by RieselUniverse Greetings from Ramy :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 14 0 Gun Run by RieselUniverse Gun Run :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 6 0 Conflict Resolution by RieselUniverse Conflict Resolution :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 18 0 Infuriating Smuggery by RieselUniverse Infuriating Smuggery :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 16 0 A Foregone Conclusion by RieselUniverse A Foregone Conclusion :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 9 0
Non-Indicative Advertisement (Writing Challenge)
The camera panned across a vast, green field, set to the tune of a thunderous orchestra. At the same time, a flock of birds sang a happy song while traversing the clear blue sky above. A lone tree came into view, prompting the camera to abruptly zoom in on it. Without warning, the tree uprooted itself and began moving toward a herd of cows, using its roots like the tentacles of an octopus.
Two of the tree's branches reached down and began juggling three of the cows, who chanted in a manner befitting of a classical opera and prompting the robust orchestra to transition to a soft classical tune with rich violins.
Green glitter, aglow with a mysterious iridescent light, fluttered down from the sky. Each piece popped like a firecracker after being swatted from the air by the grass, which had suddenly and inexplicably grown much taller.
The entire scene slowed and took a sepia tone while blurring. Text appeared on the screen in a progressing sequence of reversed explosions, spelling out, "T
:iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 1 0
Runge's Gaming Skillz (Writing Challenge)
It was a glorious feeling -- the feeling of the game controller vibrating with every unrelenting hit delivered by Runge's Level 95 Warmaster character. A determined volley of thumbs propagated his victorious campaign across the charred, cratered landscape.
The strikes of punishment were reverberant. The beleaguered and irate cries of untrained players cascaded through the headphones into Runge's auditory canals as he applied a merciless fiery bombardment of strikes from his ridiculously oversized sword. Their plaintive and profane calls for his real-life expiration ignited an exhilarating rush of adrenaline that sent his two hearts into a fevered sprint.
His grin crept further in its crooked extent. He could smell the fear of his virtual enemies -- enthralling. He could taste their tortured tears -- succulent. He could feel the vindictive hatred stabbing its way through the excited screen as their contemptuous insults cluttered the chat bar at the bottom of the game window. Many of his
:iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 0 0
Lunchtime at Burger Entropy (Writing Challenge)
"Don't do it, Ramy."
"Why not, Runge? I just paid for this. It's just a burger. Stop cramping my style."
"There is no style in eating THAT. What on Riesel is that...white thing? And why does it smell so bad?"
"It's Swiss cheese. Popular on Earth. I dunno, it doesn't smell that bad. I wanted to try it."
"No. Do not. I don't trust it."
"Too bad. This is something I have to do. I'll feel like a wuss otherwise."
"But what if it makes you smell like that?"
"Then I'll smell like that. It'll make a good you-repellent."
"C'mon, Ramy. Don't be like that. We're like two peas in a pod."
"Yeah, if the pod is a mile long and has a single pea in each end."
"What if it makes you fat?"
"I'm already fat. It keeps you and the other brain-dead thugs on this trashy planet from hitting on me."
"What get a cramp?"
"Runge, I'm eating the burger."
"Don't narrow your eyes like that. It hurts all my feels."
"Yeah, remind me to write a sympathy card. And since when did you, the unabashed assassin, have
:iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 0 0
Sookaiya the Gunner by RieselUniverse Sookaiya the Gunner :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 8 2 You Can't Run Anymore by RieselUniverse You Can't Run Anymore :iconrieseluniverse:RieselUniverse 28 2


Future City Concept Painting by darksoulart Future City Concept Painting :icondarksoulart:darksoulart 125 3 City by Hashika City :iconhashika:Hashika 41 2 Helicopter by Callergi Helicopter :iconcallergi:Callergi 411 45 Gateway - Calandia District by Hideyoshi Gateway - Calandia District :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,898 54 Cube-Ultra by Maralonics Cube-Ultra :iconmaralonics:Maralonics 21 0 Civil Raven by buryatsky Civil Raven :iconburyatsky:buryatsky 320 21 BS NG3 by buryatsky BS NG3 :iconburyatsky:buryatsky 702 41 Sunset Invasion by dustycrosley Sunset Invasion :icondustycrosley:dustycrosley 314 22 BS Firestorm by buryatsky BS Firestorm :iconburyatsky:buryatsky 98 2 Travel by Ellixus Travel :iconellixus:Ellixus 265 34 Tarantula by buryatsky Tarantula :iconburyatsky:buryatsky 156 8 daily mech painting by ProgV daily mech painting :iconprogv:ProgV 697 36 Skylines by Rayen-V-Storme Skylines :iconrayen-v-storme:Rayen-V-Storme 418 32 Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night by Noble--6 Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night :iconnoble--6:Noble--6 311 42 M.A.U. Mech Design by ikarus-tm M.A.U. Mech Design :iconikarus-tm:ikarus-tm 263 35 Midnight's Daughter by Nimrais Midnight's Daughter :iconnimrais:Nimrais 818 48


Do you need your characters drawn? Is your wallet so absurdly heavy that it's giving you hip problems? Perhaps I can help!

Please see the relevant journal entry on my commissions account, Roy's Travel Bus: Click here!

...In all seriousness, I try to keep my prices reasonable.
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Roystonn Pruitt
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Greetings! I am Roy, and this is where I post art that relates to my book series, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters.


The dejected urban planet of Riesel has seen better days. Overrun with crime and ruled by a powerful mafia faction, the world is a cutthroat's paradise. It's also a fantastic place to be if you're looking to collect on a bounty. It's a cornucopia of opportunity for the bounty-hunting twosome Runge Margavo and Ramy Dusotes, but merely existing on such a hostile world is a challenge in itself. This is not made any easier by the fact that they have to survive each other in the process.

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