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Published: June 29, 2016

The Gallery Structure

What kind of works do we accept?

In short, the deviations we accept have to be positive. Positivity is very subjective, so some admins say yes to pieces that others do not. Note that we also take the artist's description into account.

The following is an explanation of what you can find in each gallery folder and some example works to help you with deciding which folder is best for your work.


This folder is for positive deviations that show a connection between two living beings. These could be connections between people, people and animals, depictions of friendship, hugs, kisses, and so on.

Allows: real-life1 & fictional2 deviations

Holding - Anna e Marco by samugtr   The Atlas by simbalm


Emotional pieces are those that evoke emotion in the reader or onlooker. Emotions can be happy, sad, and anything in between. Note that sad does not mean negative. We don't want negative emotions such as anger or hatred in our group. This folder is also for those funny pieces that will make people laugh. Cute little cartoon drawings that make people smile, a funny fanfic, a cat flying through the air after a toy, etc.

Allows: real-life1 & fictional2 deviations

   Mom... by Kika777

Positive Actions

Pieces that inspire people (to do something or to believe something), support or encourage a specific cause, or show/generate interest in positive actions go here. These could be volunteering, making deviantART a better place, or a journal entry about a new positive project going on. Some pieces may just be about support and encouragement of people or other things that are important to you.

Allows: real-life1 deviations & journals

Positivity Project!What is it?
Recently, I've noticed that there is a lack of positivity in the world. With everything that's going on, politics, school shootings, the threat of war, bullying, etc. I think it's important now more than ever to bring some positivity back into the world.
I'd like to start with DeviantArt. This is an amazing community, and as part of my effort to be more active,  hopefully this will remind everyone how much we've been blessed with friends and support! There's always something to appreciate if you take a couple minutes to look around :heart:
Spread the Word
In order for this to work, I'd appreciate it if you would spread the word about it! I'll be choosing one deviant a week I think has been truly inspiring. This deviant will get a special feature on the weekly journal as well as 15 points from me <3
Contributing to the Project
Please leave a comment with anything you feel is import
  Identity by Craftea


Fun positive memories of you and your family, from parents to pets, kids to cousins, as well as happy moments in your life go here. This could be winning a fair ribbon, overcoming an illness, getting a new pet, etc. Note that deviations sumbitted to this folder have to be about something positive that happened in your life, and not just illustrations or photographs depiciting something positive.

Allows: real-life1 deviations

  Enjoyng spring by VasiDragos


ARKworks are deviations that are for someone else or for a cause or event. They must be positive. If we can't determine that the work is FOR another person or event as a gift or form of help/positive action from the work itself or the description, it will be declined from the ARKwork folder.

Allows: real-life1 & fictional2 deviations

napping with plants by Vickismol   GIFT FULL Xmas Autumn in Winter by iLantiis


remARKs are another type of ARKwork. remARKs literally "remark" in a positive way (or give encouragement to) on a particular user, group, or group of users. These can be journal features, screenshots of comments, etc. Even group features, journals and comments fall under this category. Besides being positive and about someone other than yourself, they must follow the same guidelines for regular ARKworks.

Allows:  journals

My Daily Deviation Highlights LXXVIIHello everyone ! 
Welcome to my 77th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you some awesome Daily Deviations of the last 10 days!
Hope you will enjoy the feature !
Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
rainbows by KittenKayleigh 

Featured by JustACapharnaum
Bullet; GreenGiven 19.3.2018
Com- DeathKylin - Milo by PkingSora 

Featured by PixlPhantasy
Bullet; GreenGiven 19.3.2018
  Welcome to my World Feature n97

Welcome to my (not so)weekly feature! Here is the menu!
 A feature of 6 of my watchers
Featuring watchers from oldest to newest. Empty galleries do not get featured.
I won't feature pieces which aren't on point with credits, offensive content and non-English literature (everybody should be able to read)
 A feature for any gift I recieve or collab I complete
 Bonus Round: featuring winners of contests and challenges I support and favourites from my personal collection.
So let's get started !
Watchers Feature
>> Listen <<
Best game EVER!!!

1pertaining real life
2i.e. paintings/drawings etc. of characters

What we don't accept...

While we love great works that are pleasant or well done, we will not be accepting pieces that do not have a clear positive overtone. No photographs of flowers or pets by themselves (some exceptions for pets apply), no photographs of models that are not clearly displaying a positive theme or message, no well-written literary works that do not have a clearly positive message, etc. Basically, what this means is that if the work is not clearly positive and fitting into our gallery structure, it will be declined. This includes works that show self-harm or violence, even if it is fake.

Always Accepting

As always, we accept all art forms from craft and sculpure, to digital, to traditional, and more. Every medium of art is capable of transmitting a positive message!

How this affects you...

Please think carefully about where you submit your work and what works you submit. If it doesn't appear to fit the chosen folder, you will receive a notice that you have placed your work in the wrong folder at which time you can withdraw and change folders or explain why you believe your work fits into the chosen folder. And if you have a positive piece that doesn't fit into any of the folders at all, please send a NOTE to the group so that we can see the piece and ponder the possibility of a new gallery folder.

Please feel free to ask any questions, link to deviations you are not sure about, or to suggest further improvements!

:heart: Riemea


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Thank you so much for the feature!
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