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-The Northern Nave-

By RiEile
Recently I've been to Vienna with the most wonderful lady Edhelloth and we used to draw practically everywhere: in the streets, in museums, in our room and the sketch for this painting was made in Stephansdom cathedral during the Mass.
I've not touched watercolours for about a year and a half and I definitely need more practice.

24,7x18 cm 300g/m2 paper, watercolours.

Some more artworks of mine from Vienna:
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Really beautiful detail work~! The soft colors definitely make me think of sunlight through stained glass~
SaKo88's avatar
really amazing! Congratulation for your style!
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Thank you for the favs and the comments <3
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This is a very nice painting! I love the blue and sombre tones. It helps to bring out the atmosphere of the location! 
Keep up the good work!
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Очень крутая работа! Я всегда хотела рисовать архитектуру, но что-то мешает мне научиться.  А этот арт - прямо воплощение того самого, недостижимого. I think I've fainted. Офигенно сделан "fade" в нижней части, создается ощущение бездонности, или даже миража.Clap 
RiEile's avatar
Спасибо! Мне самому нравится, как эта штука получилась, интуитивно и сама собой. После этого вроде бы общий уровень вырос, а все какое-то унылое выходит.
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Ну, это в порядке вещей. Нельзя же постоянно побивать свои "рекорды". А по мне, остальные арты тоже крутые.
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This piece is amazing, I love the contrast of the very structural pieces of this composition as they fade out into nothingness. I also love how the black fades into the reddish-yellowish tones. This pieces really feels like an amazing depiction of gothic architecture; both in actual representation and the feeling you get when walking in one of these magnificent cathedrals.
RiEile's avatar
Thank you! This cathedral is my favorite subject ever O_o
asa-baijan's avatar
Very understandably, it's magnificent!
Metanaito-kyou's avatar

First off, this is a very nice work of art! I love the fact that this is a traditional piece which never ceases to amaze me on how well traditional art can come out!
I really like the color selection especially the more blue and silver colors. It gives it a very cool and icy feeling which goes very well with the ceiling design.
However, I think the reddish and orange parts actually take away from the picture. It's good to have some color variation and such but those color hurt the icy feel.
I think a light shade of yellow or purple would work better in my honest opinion. Something a bit more soft and cool.
My favorite part is the delicate and jeweled arched in the bottom left. I think that's done exceptionally well ^^ The top of it is so curly and shiny! It's awesome! I also think that it should be spread out more over the picture. :)
The window arches are cool too but I think they fade into each other a bit too much.
I like the texturing over the very top right! It looks like marble or water but it's almost like I can reach out and feel it! A little farther down though, there's a whole bunch of little specks that looks a And I can't help but feel that this is a bit too messy XD
Anyway, the ceiling looks really nice. I think it could be a tad more symmetrical but other than that, it looks great! Also, the whole perspective of the piece is really interesting. It's so creative! 

Overall, this is a very fantastic work of art. Keep up the good work and I hope this critique has helped in any way :) Have a good day or night!!!
RiEile's avatar
Thanks a lot for your input, it is very valuable! There are many things that I would have done differently now (after 4+ years). I was actually thinking that this 'inverse tonal perspective' with warm pink tones in the distance places the viewer closer to the altar in some way. But maybe it should have been less bold.)
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Very nice! I always love seeing seeing art with solid perspective! Considering that it's watercolor just makes it more impressive. Good color choice too... I would give a critique, but honestly, I can't think of anything- great painting!
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Beautiful work Clap 
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Critiquing as part of Weekly Commenting at ProjectComment

I enjoy this very much.  The main blue color gives this cathedral an icy feel, and this is accentuated by the watery patterning on the nearer columns and ceiling.  The way you have trailed off the bottoms of the edges in wavy, icicle-like lines enhances that tone.  In contrast, you have created the washes of pink color that start at the front windows of the cathedral, so that the church windows are radiating a warm light that slowly changes as it moves across the roof.  I think that makes the viewer want to lean and yearn for that end of the cathedral.

The structure itself is very well done.  The lines of the ceiling are very smooth and your lighting of the columns and architectural features is wonderful.  There is a very slight unevenness to the centerline of the roof that puts the perspective a bit off. Similarly, the curvature of the ceiling appears to become more shallow toward the front of the painting.  Neither of these are highly noticeable at first glance.

I think it would have been nice to define the closer columns on the left side more deeply.  The vague way those columns are painted in contrasts a bit too much with the dark and detailed bases.  The almost seem to disintegrate a bit in the middle, where I would expect them to be strong.  The same with the right edge around the oval face on the closest base structure.  It gets a bit fluffy and fades out when it should be the most clearly defined object, closest to the viewer.

Another area that looks a little bit off is the line of pink to the right of the central window.  I would almost expect a third window three, so not sure if there was a wall there in the architecture or if the paint got away from you?  It is the only colored portion that extends to the floor, and it goes far below the next window to the left.

Overall, you've captured a very interesting rendering of this cathedral, making it appear ethereal and filled with light, but perhaps cold and empty as well.  It's beautiful like a winter landscape--enchanting to enjoy for a short while, but not somewhere you would want to stay for too long.

I hope some of my feedback has been helpful, and please let me know if you have any followup questions or comments.
RiEile's avatar
Thanks a lot for commenting! It has been a pleasure reading such a thoughtful critique.
You're right about the centerline: I've noticed it  too late when it was impossible to fix anymore.
This thinning of the middle parts of the windows was supposed to reflect the light passing through them and a distinction between the "earthly" parts with the paintings and tombs of the patrons and the highly abstract 'heavenly' upper part.
The right of the three "windows" is indeed a blank wall, probably I should not have extended it so far down, thanks for noticing;)
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I feel like this piece is absolutely gorgeous and for many reasons. Initially when i first saw it it made me think about Gothic architecture but a strange more ethereal fantasy type of architecture.You took something that was traditionally pious doom and gloom and you pushed it to the next level! And I feel you achieved this by using the varying hues one does not usually associate with Gothic Architecture .And that is one of the reasons why this piece is so successful.The coloration doesn't take to much from the  piece and still retains a feel a realistic grandeur. I'm not quiet sure whether I feel this way solely due to the fact that I find the subject mater to be beautiful in general or because the coloration is so poignant and striking.In addition I would like to note that watercolor element you implemented in this piece is very nice although I do wish it took up more  canvas space. Never the less this is still beautiful and like most beautiful thingsI wish to see more of this in the future. Good job! and never stop creating .      ProjectComment 
RiEile's avatar
Thanks a lot for commenting!
It is indeed a real Gothic cathedral, that I have recolored;)
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Thats even better ! I couldnt think I could love this piece more Kao Emoji-09 (Inspired) [V1] 
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Так красиво...Вечность смотрит...
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Absolutely amazing! Love how you put little hints of color here and there. It really makes it pop!
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Stunning architecture. I love how you let it face and drip at the bottom Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
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The painting is just beautiful, the sketchy style of it is amazing. 
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