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Now with 100% more transparency.
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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (4)
My Bio
Current Residence: Zebes
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Personal Quote: *shrieks as he attacks Samus*

Favourite Movies
Hm... not sure on that.
Favourite Games
Super Metroid, despite the fact Samus stars in it
Favourite Gaming Platform
Super Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
My claws, fireballs, Space Pirates
Other Interests
Ruling the Galaxy

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IkaMusumeFan06Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Without Waluigi....

RIP Waluigi 
[EMOTE] - It's a Cold and It's a Broken Waluigi 

And Neither Bomberman....

Maybe Geno?

Or Crash Bandicoot?

Or Heavy from TF2?

Or Conker?

or Rayman?
Why does Ridley have a plz account. He's too big to have a plz account.
CyberPhazon420Student Digital Artist
Where's Bigley with a plz account
I would've made one a LONG time ago if i did plz accounts.
CyberPhazon420Student Digital Artist
CyberPhazon420Student Digital Artist
ZenythFactorHobbyist Digital Artist
don't fret, Rids

at least your redesigned (concept art) clone self got a potential moveset, ledge grab, knock away, dodge, and a final smash. (aka gravity suit Ridley [which is retarded])

maybe your original self (Super, Prime, or Metroid WiiU/3DS) might get in the DLC train, if Sakurai has the strength and creativity power to do it and Shinya Takahashi give his okay for it. Developing Smash Bros. can really ruin Samurai's right arm and social life. :iconsadplz:

and funny how the Duck Hunt dog in the trailer is also, too, a huge stage boss in his stage (not even Alfonzo hit by when DHD were also in the stage :iconduckhuntplz:) and Sakurai pretty much didn't say anything against Ridley's size (even careless about size in smash) but "his speed" according to his previous PotD and his 2008 Nintendo Power interview. :iconconcernedplz:

for now, just take a break from the Smash ride, it wasn't good as fucking Brawl's. You already been through enough after 16 years of requesting and speculating and 2-8 years of fighting off you-know-who's horde ("ˢʰᵒᵏᶦᵒ"). maybe BaganSmashBros might fill you in for the PM mod he's doing, he's a nice guy.