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Madeline Wester had always been a special case in the field of science.  Her forceful experiments on captive human subjects had made her infamous wherever she did her work.  She had experimented in combining living beings together, replacing body parts with mechanical appendages that didn't remotely resemble what they were taking the place of, and all manner of so-called mad science.  She was egotistical, insane, and relentless in what she was willing to do in order to further her research.  Despite this, she had an air of elegance about her, seeing beauty in her experiments and being genuinely passionate in her work.  But at one point, she grew bored of toying with other beings, and looked to experimenting on herself.  She had thought about what she could do to take her skills one step further.  She thought about what aspects of herself she could improve, or augment, or make more efficient.  After much pondering, her twisted scientific mind led her to her most extreme idea yet:

She was going to remove her own head.

Her practices had attracted the eyes of enemies in the past, fellow scientists and law enforcement mostly.  She relocated her work several times until she eventually settled on an underground location that no one else suspected.  Although now out of sight, she knew that eventually she would most likely be put in danger if sought out by those who despised her work.  And through what she believed to be perfectly rational reasoning, she decided that being headless would give her a physical advantage.  It would rid her of a vital target her foes would try and aim for, and the reduced weight could make her more agile.  Though she came up with more practical justifications along these lines, really they didn't matter.  The thought of taking her head off just excited her.  It would be incredibly dangerous, and even if it were successful, there's no telling how it would feel.  But her ambitious mind was set, and she began the preparations.

After weeks of sitting in her hidden laboratory designing machinery, writing software, and mentally preparing, she had completed the first step.  She had her brain scanned and her personality backed up onto a metal disk-like object that would replace her head.  It would be put in place via a large, vaguely cone-shaped mass of machinery that she would be secured inside whilst sitting in what looked like a dental office chair.  If successful, the disk would act as her new head, simulating all her senses and allowing control over her body just as her physical head and brain did before.  She wasn't sure how she'd react once it was complete, but nevertheless, she would find out soon. The whole setup was on standby, with her computers ready to start the procedure as soon as she got in place.

Before starting the process, she took one last moment of reflection.  She went to her bathroom, splashed some water on her face and thought about the whole thing.  Here she was, about to achieve her greatest scientific accomplishment - and remove an integral part of her body.  She looked in the mirror, scanning herself from the bottom up.  She was dressed in her usual attire; black shoes, grayish-brown pants, and a traditional white lab coat over a red turtleneck sweater with a fairly high collar, topping it off with a pearl necklace.  She always felt best with her neck being covered and accessorized in this way - for whatever reason, it comforted her, especially in these last few weeks.  Maybe she just wanted to take special care of her neck because she knew that soon, there would be nothing above it.  As her eyes finally met the gaze of her reflection's, she took one last look at her face.  Being fairly egotistical, she thought herself very pretty - which she was - and admired her clear skin, ravishing eyes, and luscious brown hair tied up in a long ponytail.  She put her hands on her hips and leaned to one side playfully, smiling slyly and showing off her attitude of overconfidence.  Truly she believed herself gifted with looks, but that couldn't stop her.  Her love was science, and she was willing to go to any lengths to further her scientific accomplishments.  She ran her hand through her hair and stroked her face, and in one final bit of theatrics, gave a dramatic wave goodbye as she left the bathroom and returned to the main laboratory, where her machine awaited.

Madeline secured herself in the chair, and with a few button presses, activated the sequence.  The large mass of machinery slowly descended from the ceiling down over her, until finally it stopped just above her collar and encased her entire head.  She tilted her head back to her exact preferred position, ensuring the procedure would pinpoint the precise area she wanted removed - leaving most of her neck intact. Inside, Madeline could see the various bits that made up the machine - gears, tubes, wires, and the most important feature, precision high-energy laser beams for cutting.  The lasers were fitted in grooves along the lining of the chamber, so that they could rotate horizontally around Madeline's head.  The machine began to rev up and rumble, growing louder and louder.  After a few seconds, it filled up with knockout gas, and Madeline began to drift off.  In a few seconds, she was completely out cold, with the various metal bits of the machine keeping her head in position.  The machine's scanners detected that she was ready to be worked on, and the lasers started charging up.  The lasers began rotating around Madeline, faster and faster, until finally, they fired.

The rapidly spinning lasers cut straight through Madeline's neck right at the base of her head.  After only three or four rotations, the ultra-powerful beams had completed the separation.  Her head was completely disconnected from her body.  Knowing she would not survive if left in this state for too long, she had programmed the machine to fit the disk onto her body as quickly as possible, performing several quick preparations through microscopic devices in the chamber that made sure her neck was clean and able to support the disk.  Once these precise preparations were complete, the machine lifted Madeline's head up into its deeper systems, which transported it via large tubes to another area of the lab where it would be kept functional, but unconscious.  Her headless body sat motionless at the mercy of her machine.  Within a few seconds, the machine's inner workings opened up and revealed the disk, which was now being lowered down by a mechanical armature.  It carefully placed the disk in its desired position, at which point several tiny drill and blowtorch-like tools emerged from the inner walls of the machine and performed several small adjustments on it.  After about a minute, the machine began to mellow out, and all the retractable parts started going back to their neutral positions.  One final mechanical part emerged and began lowering from the top of the machine's chamber, a long glowing rod that contained the power necessary to charge and activate the disk.  It ended with a plug-like protrusion that fit into the grooves of the disk's surface.  It locked into place on the disk and began the charging and activation process.  The charging lasted about an hour.  After this point, the rod stopped glowing, retracted into the chamber, and the whole machine ascended back into its resting place on the ceiling.  The procedure was complete...but had it worked?

Slowly, Madeline began to regain consciousness.  After a few moments, she was able to wiggle her hands and feet, which led to her gradually waking up and getting the feeling back in the rest of her body - with the exception of one area.  She could see, hear, and smell as clearly as she could before the operation, if not more so.  But something still felt off.  Still drowsy from the procedure, she wasn't completely lucid, and the details of why she was sitting there hadn't come back to her yet.  Keeping calm, she placed her hands on her legs and slowly felt her body, moving her hands upwards slowly in a manner similar to the way she stared at her body from bottom to top in the bathroom mirror.  Her legs felt fine, as did her stomach and chest.  Her hands then made their way shoulder-high.  This is where she began to feel wary, and she let her hands linger in these spots longer just to feel what was normal and what felt different.  She felt several pearls; her necklace was still there.  Moving upwards, she pressed on her throat and felt the cozy wool texture of her turtleneck, indicating that was all in place as well.  Finally she reached up to feel her head.


Her movements became more rapid as her hands felt the cold metal of the disk that now functioned as her head.  She patted the area several times for physical confirmation that her head was, indeed, gone.  She was now completely awake, aware of why she was there, and understood that her experiment was a success.  She should have been happy, but the absence of her head was incredibly shocking to her once she actually experienced what it felt like.  Her senses were all there, but they felt very calculated and lacked the natural imperfections of human functions.  That, and her neck felt a lot lighter.  Everything about it just instilled a sense of being unfamiliar with her own body, and this caused her to panic.  She sprang up out of her chair and frantically stumbled around the room, grasping at her neck and feeling around for her head that wasn't there.  The panic rose to the point where she practically couldn't control herself, bashing into things, clawing at her empty neck, tugging at her collar and violently thrashing about.  This culminated in her falling frontwards onto the floor, where she stayed for several moments before regaining control and sitting upright.

She thought to herself that she needed to calm down.  Before the procedure, she had taken into account that it might be shocking, and kept in mind that she may need to keep herself from panicking.  This was exactly what she wanted, and she should have no reason to be upset over it.  Everything went according to plan.  With this in mind, she sat still on the floor and concentrated on positive thoughts, reassuring herself that she was successful.  After a few minutes, she had calmed down, and was ready to take whatever the next step should be.  Then she remembered what she had written as the last step in the plan: she was to simply go about her activities for a full week in her new headless state, and then decide whether it was a good idea or if she should try to reverse it.  So with that, she stood up and began to get her bearings, then headed to the bathroom.

She arrived in front of the mirror and took a long, hard stare at herself.  There she stood, alive, upright, and headless.  She wiggled her fingers in the empty space where her head once was, a truly surreal sight for her to behold.  She tried to lighten her mood by putting her hands on her hips and leaning to one side, posing with the attitude she typically displayed, albeit usually with an appropriate facial expression to go with it.  Slowly but surely she began to get acquainted with her new self, getting comfortable with seeing herself in the mirror this way.  She accepted it completely and was ready to move on to trying it out for a week.  She took one last look in the mirror, but this time she noticed that her necklace was missing.  She figured it must have gotten unhooked when she stumbled in the lab.  She returned to the main room and looked around for it, eventually finding it on the floor near where she fell.  But lo and behold, it hadn't unhooked at all - it merely got tossed up and over her neck, still hooked in a complete circle.  She picked it up and had the instinct to unhook it and put it back on, but paused.  She decided she should probably get used to the little things in her new, headless state.  She simply left the necklace hooked and looped it over her neck.  A small step towards getting acquainted to life without her head.

This was gonna be an interesting week.
A fairly detailed account of my OC, Madeline Wester, and how she came into her unnatural situation.   Basically wanted to focus on the process of her scientific procedure and paint a clear picture for her future events. Longer than I planned, but I think it gets the job done for now.  Enjoy!
Airship-King Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
So, at some point a copy of her mind was put in the disc then?
fastbreak333 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
She's a pretty daring evil scientist.
Evil-Frank Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is great! I'll bet her next week was very interesting indeed!
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