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April 1, 2013
WhiteDior Visual Style for Windows 8 by ~RidKurn
Featured by neiio
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[UPDATE] WhiteDior Visual Style for Windows 8/8.1



Wassup everybody!
It's been a while since I away from dA. sorry bout that
and I heard so many requests about the title bar bug on 8.1 from you guys. so, I fixed it :D
Here it is! sorry for not updating this theme for a while :meow:


If you've downloaded the older version, please delete it first
Patch your System Using this…
or this
Use RibbonDisabler here By hb860
Top Taskbar are Not Supported NOW SUPPORTED
Support Icon Only Taskbar
Use Small Icon in Taskbar

Install the fonts Included (if not loaded with theme, try to restart, then apply theme again)
Copy the contents of "Theme" Folder to C:WindowsResourcesThemes
Apply the Visual Style from Personalize

Wallpaper Flows… By winnichip
Icon in Taskbar… by darkdawg
Icon for Explorer… by dafmat71

Thanks to Neiio for his help :)


How to hide Icon in the taskbar and hide the icon in the title bar to get a more minimalist theme read here :…


Rainmeter Skin

Credits :

:iconhb860: , :iconwinnichip: , :icondarkdawg: , :icondafmat71: , :iconneiio:
© 2013 - 2021 RidKurn
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ElegantWhite's avatar
Download is broken.
somerandomnameinhere's avatar
Neiio created a improved version and more nicer version out the theme its for windows 10 and its named "WhiteNoir"
crashfxs's avatar
Could you make a Windows 7 version?
how do you download it
nvm im stupid
Can you please make support for the font for these characters? Thank you very much ^.^

ěščřžýáíéůúťňď ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉŮÚŤŇĎ.
some one help me with icons!! i just cant change them!! give me a link or something!!!
Hasthur's avatar
any chance we can get a port for winx :P
it isn't downloading 
m-a-r-k-y's avatar
why isnt there a download link???? I WANT IT! (well, i cant find it)
icedfoxes's avatar
just click the download button
m-a-r-k-y's avatar
I dont see a-wait-hang on.
m-a-r-k-y's avatar
Yeah i cant see a download link :( Download button on the left.
m-a-r-k-y's avatar
thanks but I don't need it anymore, also I just got windows 10
well it doesnt work for me. Maybe it is broken anyway.
m-a-r-k-y's avatar
Maybe it is.....

Psychybrid's avatar
doesn't work right on 8.1 ... that's a real shame

especially when you right click a thing on the taskbar - everything's messed up out there

I absolutely love this VS, but is there a way to remove the black bar at the bottom of the window? I'd prefer to have it all white
uniqueDunks's avatar
cannot get small taskbar to work
Thoronium's avatar
You need to right click on your taskbar and go to properties. From here the 3rd option down in the first tab says "Use small taskbar buttons". Check that and re-apply theme if necessary. Small taskbar will then work.
aerynwalker's avatar
Getting a weird error with this: Then I right click on menu/task bar to get options, the whole popup box is weird, half blacked out and has a "thumbtack" image over it. Link to screencap on DA
ySomic's avatar
My "small" taskbar, is still pretty big? 

About the double of the normal 8.1 taskbar?
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