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Connor. by RidingInLongSocks Connor. :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 3 0 Remember Me Later :: Comm by RidingInLongSocks Remember Me Later :: Comm :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 29 2 BRACE FOR IMPACT by RidingInLongSocks BRACE FOR IMPACT :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 7 4 Sounds Like Balloons :: Comm by RidingInLongSocks Sounds Like Balloons :: Comm :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 19 4
The Resistance: Chapter Nine
POV Mikey
'they should be getting back, what's taking them so long! The sun is gonna come up any moment, the left five hours ago!'
For the millionth time this evening I look out of my bedroom window, you can't actually call it a window. The glass is gone and there's no windowsill, it's just a hole in the wall. We don’t actually need a window, is too hot anyway.
I can see a tree here and there, sand everywhere and a sky full of stars but no Party Poison. Not even a light at the horizon. The sand road is deserted, the base is full of people. Students are talking, giggling, laughing, sighing, fighting, drinking, smoking,…
'Why aren't they home yet and where did he take him?'
Jolene sighs and hobbles to my bed, throwing her hands in the air. She falls on my bed and sighs happily. I know it’s useless to ask my cousin about something she doesn’t know a thing about… well I might told her about the date… and some others…
It’s his own fault, I
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The Resistance: Chapter Eight
POV Frank
The car pulled up outside the house. I had been waiting probably too long, but Party didn’t have to know that. What will he be like? Will he be cold and distant? Or maybe inviting towards me? Should we hug? Kiss? I felt myself going red at the thought of us kissing, then stamped my foot angrily. I was way too out of practice at this.
The car kicked up a load of dust in front of me, and the passenger door sprung open. Party looked at me with his brown eyes, that seemed to be lighter than any other part of his face, even though they were buried deep within his face.
‘You been waiting long?’
‘No, just a few minutes.’ I slid into the passenger seat, and no sooner had I shut the door, he spun the car around 180 degrees, which kicked up a mushroom cloud of dust. I leant back into the seat, which made probably the loudest squeak ever, which sounded like I had farted.
Oooooh nice one.
But Party didn’t mind, he just grinned straight ahead and put hi
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Nessyo by RidingInLongSocks Nessyo :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 5 3 The Poltergeist  :: Comm by RidingInLongSocks The Poltergeist :: Comm :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 53 8 Our Sinking Ship :: Comm by RidingInLongSocks Our Sinking Ship :: Comm :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 37 12
The Resistance: Chapter Seven
'Wanna know something?'
I don't have to turn around to know who joined me in the large un-cleaned kitchen. Mikey always had the habit to pop up and be all mysterious around people. But after all these years scared shitless and grabbing towards my gun I've given up and given in. While I continue to stack the new cans of food I hum and nod my head to show him I'm not quite interested. Mikey ignores my behavior and starts talking once again.
'I heard a little rumor about you.'
These words had some effect on me, they make me stop moving and bold my hands. My head fills with actions and situation that I've been involved in these last couple of days so I can figure out what he might have-
Oh shit...
It couldn't be...
He can't know about...
Oh god it is possible...
He knows.
I should have figured out that he would find out soon enough, he's like a fucking ninja! Ray must have told him about the bet that sneaky bastard, who else would have told him? Maybe Ghoul did...Of cours
:iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 2 2
The Resistance: Chapter Five
~I still feel very embarrassed about what had happened at the training.
The position I'm in right now is definitely not helping me.
You can't fucking blame me for accepting Ray's challenge, It's one of my weak spots. Whenever someone dares me, I always have to show them I can do it. I always wanna win. When I was little Mikey never wanted to play with me for that reason, it wasn't a game for me. The fighting games were the worse, my dad had to come pry me of Mikey before things would escalate. When it did, it wasn't a pretty sight. Mikey still has some scars and biting marks on his body.
Yeah, I must have been a pretty annoying brother but hey weren't we all? Mikey used to have his moments too although he's the best brother anyone could wish for. Since day one we had a special bond and when our mother died it only got stronger. He never blamed me for what happened that night. Without him I wouldn't be here, he saved me from my self-destruction. He's the only one I'll ever lo
:iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 1 2
The Resistance: Chapter Six
Okay, I was a little nervous.
Just a little.
I could put the sweating down to the heat; it’s so hot in here. That’s a good excuse… I’m inside the house, the sun is just beginning  to go down over the desert. I can’t stop thinking about later… mine and Party’s date… I’m supposed to meet him outside the house before the sun goes down.
I lie back on my bed and look up… at the planks of wood on the upper bunk. This would have been romantic, looking up, lying on the bed, thinking about the date… if it wasn’t for the heat, the smell of shit, the flies, the crap everywhere, oh, and the fact that you could hear y heart hammering a mile off.
Like I said, romantic.
Oh god, I feel like I’m going to be sick. This is unlike me! I swallowed hard.
Wait, there’s footsteps coming down the corridor. I turned over onto my side, and was about to pull the duvet up but thought better of it; I’d literally fain
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Sleepwalking :: Comm by RidingInLongSocks Sleepwalking :: Comm :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 22 10 ArtIsSmart -  Competition. by RidingInLongSocks ArtIsSmart - Competition. :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 3 0 SEMPITERNAL by RidingInLongSocks SEMPITERNAL :iconridinginlongsocks:RidingInLongSocks 47 6
The Resistance: Chapter Four
I was sitting at the table, gritting my teeth as I worked my way through a tin of cat food. I couldn’t stop thinking about training earlier. Party’s outburst was enlightening for me today. He seemed so… strong. Like he could stop trains with his glares. Like he could fight off the whole of BL/ind singlehandedly. Oh my God, why did I question his position?! What if he thinks I’m cocky?! No, I was right to question him... Was I over thinking this?
He was powerful, and you could tell that all the students were very respectful of Party, even if they didn’t really show it. He had this aura around him… I don’t know, was he really as strong as he seemed?
I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression of me… I looked weak today, standing at the back of the crowd earlier, urgh. I swallowed more food in disgust.
‘You alright there?’
The man himself interrupted my thoughts, and I immediately think ‘did he hear
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Warbler at Sunset by Nanarc Warbler at Sunset :iconnanarc:Nanarc 76 15 This time by Yewrezz This time :iconyewrezz:Yewrezz 162 47 It's woven in the soul by Yewrezz It's woven in the soul :iconyewrezz:Yewrezz 394 100 Morrieknor by Esveeka Morrieknor :iconesveeka:Esveeka 597 129 Beowulf by Esveeka Beowulf :iconesveeka:Esveeka 455 44 {gif} i feel so alive.. *click me!* by devils-horizon {gif} i feel so alive.. *click me!* :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 111 7 empyrea.. by devils-horizon empyrea.. :icondevils-horizon:devils-horizon 266 18 R.I.P BURN FACE by NEFUR-STUDIOS R.I.P BURN FACE :iconnefur-studios:NEFUR-STUDIOS 56 14 Primadonna Girl by jasmine-autumn Primadonna Girl :iconjasmine-autumn:jasmine-autumn 92 38 Rainbow Wolf Watercolor Tutorial by Lucky978 Rainbow Wolf Watercolor Tutorial :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,742 193 Colorful Wolf by Lucky978 Colorful Wolf :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,443 112 Shades of Purple by Lucky978 Shades of Purple :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,626 70 Don't Drop Me! by Lucky978 Don't Drop Me! :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,521 87 Sleepy Hollow by HorsesRule8 Sleepy Hollow :iconhorsesrule8:HorsesRule8 9 2


First of all, I think you are INCREDIBLY talented!! The anatomy, the hair, the way it was all drawn is amazing, it is a wonder to look ...

by falitna

My first impression of this: WOW!! This is such a unique idea, its just stunning to look at! Its very well executed, with little improv...

Wow! This is stunning work! I saw this as appalied for 'novice', and I think it should be intermediate, some groups would accept this a...


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United Kingdom
Its time to re-do this, new year, new me. Or something. :)
I am an equine manipulator, and I do tradiotional and digital drawings too :) I like fantasy and realism, digital and traditional, and I will give anything a shot :D :heart:
I have been riding horses for 10 years, fallen for many horses, and fallen off many too :') I hope to start lessons again this year, as, due to a lack of an arena, I haven't had one in a year :XD:
I have commissions, art trades and collabs, furthur down this page :) Thankyou for looking! :heart:

Favourite movies: The Three Muskateers, The Dark Knight (+Rises)

Favourite TV shows: 2 Broke Girls, Broadchurch, Hustle, Wild at Heart

Favourite bands / musical artists: :heart:My Chemical Romance:heart: Fall Out Boy, Falling In Reverse, Green Day, Muse, Elbow, Kasabian

Tools of the Trade: GIMP 2.6.11, Bamboo Fun Tablet

Other Interests: Horseriding.


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 23, 2014, 5:29 AM


I am still an awful human being. I have no time or motivation to do photomanips, especially to the high quality of the artists on dA. Every time I come on here the standard is raised higher and higher! I still look at all of the beautiful art on here, just no time to do it myself. I still have my photography page on Facebook if you're interested (link below).

The main reason for this update is 200 FOLLOWERS?!?!?! The fact you guys still love my art is incredible, and means so so much to me. I hope I'll regain my passion for manips at some point soon, to repay you guys for your support.

Thankyou all so uch. <3 I am so sorry for neglecting you all :c you all get 4000 cookies. 
I'm nearly at 200 watchers, that's crazy!? You're all so good, especially as I haven't been on in monthsandmonthsandmonths


School: managing... kind of
Music: Pierce the Veil, Paramore, Marina and the Diamonds, KASABIAN and All Time Low are the soundtrack to my life right now

Art: I HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE ON FACEBOOK :D I am Lauren E Walker Photography  which you should all go check out now hmm c: I do maaaainly horse things, a few woofs, and a few band photoshoots which are lined up next month :D 

This first beautiful boy is who I'm *hopefully* getting on share in soon!!!! His name is Spike and he's perfect :love: 

Untitled by RidingInLongSocks

Next is my gorgeous model Georgia and her old pony Maple, who was just amazing <3 
Maple Profile Picture by RidingInLongSocks

This is Mickey, her OTTB.

Mickey by RidingInLongSocks

And Sully Monster :) 

Sully2 by RidingInLongSocks

I will start posting more often (ahem) but don't shoot me if it's not for a few weeks ;3 

Thankyou all so much :heart::heart::heart: 



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