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Jennifer Concept ideals

in my concept Class we have to create a main character for a short story we're doing.

Here's my character sheet for Jennifer.
She was fun to draw but difficult at the same time, because she's not suppose to be pretty.

oh well :/
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I like the one on the left =] (in the three head concepts) I know its kinda hard to draw new characters and your not supose to make them pretty, I liked how you made her with pretty eyes but a big nose to break the elusion of her being cute, clever idea =P

whats this story about anyway?
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thank you =)

The story is about a lonely little girl who lucid dreams; and in her dreams she has a friend who manipulates her into killing anyone who bullies her.
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woah...dark stuff right there o__o

I gotta have lucid dreams more often, I heard that there might be a risk that you end up getting sleep paralysis by atempting to be concious of your dreams, and even alucinate creepy stuff staring at you while you can't move...

seriously , there's an article about this sort of stuff =X
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Wha you can't draw ugly? She's cute btw~
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with little girls I have a hard time making them ugly, and when I do they look too old XD
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XD well that could be why they ugly!
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she is really well designed and pretty cute
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It's certainly a nice sketch.
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