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Zelda Ideas
Heres Some ideas of Mine for New Zelda Stories, Games and Stuff!
Legend of Zelda: Heroes of Hyrule!
a Legend of Zelda Heroes Online game set in the Timeline where There
either Link Dies at the Hands of Ganon, and The Sages and Zelda Seals him
or Link hasnt showed up Prompting the Royal family to Call in Other Heroes instead!
i wanna see a Open World Game where you Play the game as one of the Hyrulian Races!
like a Hylian Knight, a Rogue/Thief Gerudo and have Guilds, Raids and more!!!
Update: Stay Tuned for more of this Idea!
Legend of Zelda: The Twin Blades!
in this idea, that nobody seems to think of, a Zelda game
featuring Two Heroes instead of Just link! its Either a Link/Linkle,
Link/Shiek or link and Zelda! and no, its not just like a Princess Zelda,
i want to see a more Zelda who's more active and is wearing a Version of Link's
Tunic and is Proficient in Magic Tools, Magic Weapons and Stuff!!!
and the two of them work together to solve puzzles and fight monsters!
and an actual go
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Ultraman Netflix 02 by riderman09 Ultraman Netflix 02 :iconriderman09:riderman09 11 2 Ultraman Netflix 01 by riderman09 Ultraman Netflix 01 :iconriderman09:riderman09 7 0
BNHA OC: Genki Tamashii
Heres My ver of Genki in the My HeroVerse!
His Quirk is called Rock Damashii!
he can use Musical Instruments as a Sonic Weapon!
He uses Taiko/Drumsticks, Trumpet Gun, Guitar Axe
as his weapons of Rock! he can also use his voice to activate a powerful
shockwave called the Shockwave Shout!
in this Universe, Genki works as a Wandering Musician and is famous all over!
he shows up in the School because he wants to be a Hero himself!
:iconriderman09:riderman09 3 0
Crazy Ideas: Magic User Link
This idea has been popping up in my for a while
so here it is: Link who's More into Magic than Swords!
a Link who was trained by the Sages to use Magic and Magic Items
in various way the OG Link has not thought of before!
Wears the Magic Hero's Robes!
He wears the Flame & Frost Gloves, Wind Cloak, Earth Boots
Magic Hood/Cap and Uses the Magic Rod as his Main Weapon!
He can still Use Weapons, but has no knowledge on Swordmanship
unless Taught by a Master!
has knowledge in brewing Potions of many kinds!
can Summon creatures to assist him in Puzzles and sometimes Battle!
...and so much more!!!
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TF Ideas: MiniCon Battle Armor!
Heya, Its Been a While!
Heres a new series of Ideas that popped up called Transfomers Ideas or TF Ideas!
In this one its a cool idea of of mine that Hasbro hasnt thought of yet:
Mini-Con Battle Armor! in which a new Group of Mini-Con called Armor-Cons
has an awesome power that besides transforming to small bots,
they can become Armor parts or a Complete Set to Powerup
the Transformers to new levels! and heres extra, they can Armor Up
Human Allies as well giving them Looks that were similar to the Original Pretenders
but instead of Transformers disguised as Humans, it was the other way around!
Also, they give the Humans and Bots special Abilities when Armored Up
like example a Bot/Human wears an Armor, that has Accelerated Speed,
or has Elemental Powers, the possibility is Endless!
Theres different Type of Armor-Con:
Can Combine to become Weapon Parts like, Bladed Gauntlets, Gun Arms
Rocket Packs Etc.
Has Similar Properties to the other Two, but is based on Living Things
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Crazy Ideas: Spidey in MHA
Hey True Believers!
Spider-Fan, Rider09 Here for another Web-Slingling Idea!
In this one What If theres a Spider-Man in MY Hero Academia?
no its not Peter Parker, but someone who's originally Quirkless
but thanks to the Spider Totem, In Every Web of Life, there has to have
a Spider in it!
so poof! Someone gets Bit by a Spider to be a SpiderHero!!!
in this idea theres going very big differences like:
his costume doesnt have a full Mask, he has to have a mask or scarf to cover his mouth
and hoodie with Googles to commemorate both Scarlet Spider and Spider Gwen!
(also, because it looks cool!)
hope ya like this idea, cause i know i would!!!
:iconriderman09:riderman09 1 0
Crazy Ideas: KR Antz, a KR X Antman Crossover Idea
How's this for an idea:
A Antman x KR Crossover or inspired idea!
His powers are basically the same but with added Rider Features!
also theres also Wasp's ver called Wasper!
i got the idea from the Cartoonz Antman vs Spiderman
video! also, come on, antman does look like a Rider!
:iconriderman09:riderman09 0 0
Ideas: Sengoku Avengers Sequel/Expansion!
After the Battle between Gods and Man
with Raiju and his brother with the help of his Group, Furukawa/Nick Fury was now more determined to spread his group's influence outside Japan's Borders, so that he coud protect Japan from something worse Battles such as this...
So when he then hears of a group of Foreigners with goals similar to His,
and sends his Agents Kuma/Black Widow and Takajyo/Hawkeye to investigate,
which was lead to a Spaniard named Corazon, and his Protectadors...
:iconriderman09:riderman09 1 1
Crazy Ideas: Oni's in Remnant
in this epic idea of mine
i propose that the Takeshi Oni Clan makes an Appearance
in RWBY!
The Oni is a Mysterious Clan of Ancient Huntsmen that has been fighting Grimm and any manner of
Evil for as long as i can even remember, their skills in their fighting styles, their strange weapon sets, these groups of 'People' has been unrivaled, i can even think they can help us out in this war...
their skills aren't to scoff at and even i could be abit intimidated at their prowess
but after all this time i finally have talked to them bout sending one or more of them to
the the fold!
this clan has many mysteries on of which has been a big question that even i could not believe or validate, maybe after this i could believe it...
it is once said that the Oni has power to shed their Skin, to become monsters to be able to slay the most strongest of monsters that even the best of Hunters could never fight...
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Sylvanas Windrunner by riderman09 Sylvanas Windrunner :iconriderman09:riderman09 7 0 Geralt of Rivia by riderman09 Geralt of Rivia :iconriderman09:riderman09 2 0 Raistlin Majere by riderman09 Raistlin Majere :iconriderman09:riderman09 2 0 Garona Halforcen by riderman09 Garona Halforcen :iconriderman09:riderman09 4 0 Gnome Rogue by riderman09 Gnome Rogue :iconriderman09:riderman09 2 0 Human Mage, Spell Casting by riderman09 Human Mage, Spell Casting :iconriderman09:riderman09 1 0


  • Listening to: Just Live More by Gaim no Kaze
  • Reading: Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days
  • Watching: Garo
  • Playing: Gundam Breaker PS3
  • Eating: Spaggeti and Meatballs!!!
  • Drinking: RootBeer and CoconutJuice, Coke, Sprite!
Hi Guys its a me!! 
i finally have Gundam Breaker 3 in my hands!
I'm gunna post some of my Gunpla when i can so please wait!
Ooohhh I cant wait!!!



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Lorryvic O. Yuga


March, 31, 1988


Otaku, Fanfic Author,
Cartoonist/Anime Artist, Brony
and the list goes on and on...

Everything Art/Music/Game Related,
including my Family...

Everything not Art/Music/Game Related, Bullies,
Being Bullied and Bullies Bullying People, Nagging,
Homework(work work work...)

Current Residence: bradford, west yorkshire.

Favourite genre of music: well i haven't decided yet.

Favourite style of art: anime, furry, cartoon, manga

MP3 player of choice: my psp!

Favourite cartoon character: Spiderman, Batman The list goes on and on...

Personal Quote: Just a Passing Through Rider... Remember That!

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