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Creeps from The Deep by RiderKnightHeroes101 Creeps from The Deep :iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 2 0 My Attempt to try out my own Iron Man Armor by RiderKnightHeroes101 My Attempt to try out my own Iron Man Armor :iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 0 0 The Bio Dead : Survival of The Fitest by RiderKnightHeroes101 The Bio Dead : Survival of The Fitest :iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 2 0
BIONICLE Alternative ending
   A few weeks after Terridax's defeat...
   The Toa Nuva became turaga, and the Turaga Metru became village leaders on Spherus Magna, while the Nuva take on the duty of training new warriors from the Agori and Matoran. The Order of Mata Nui became part of a ruling counsel to deal with any possible internal and external threats to the world. The Nui Stone is found and placed in a fortress guarded by Brutaka. Meanwhile Takanuva works with the remaining Av-matoran to use the Great Spirit and Prototype robots as spare parts to make a new Metru Nui city.
   A few months later, word breaks out that Brutaka had been overrun by a mysterious warrior lurking on Spherus Magna, and his Olmak had been stolen. Tahu and a new Toa of Fire return to the ruins of Metru Nui where they find a weak and feeble Dume huddled around the Vahi's resting place. Dume informs them of a final prophecy known only by the Great Beings themselves. Tahu takes the Vahi to Vakama, and asks hi
:iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 1 0
How dirty is your mind? by RiderKnightHeroes101 How dirty is your mind? :iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 0 0 Bionicle M.O.C : Toa Nixen (Self - Moc) by RiderKnightHeroes101 Bionicle M.O.C : Toa Nixen (Self - Moc) :iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 2 2
Chapter 2 : The Science fair!
   Brutaka and Axonn were lying down on the grass, particularly staring at the two suns on the sky. Both of them being members of The Order of Mata Nui, they now have nothing to do. They were both silent until Axonn broke that silence. "Now that Spherus Magna is reformed, we really don't have any more uncharted islands to look for, do we old friend? Should we regroup with the others?" he asked.
   Brutaka got up, brushed his back and legs and said "First of all, we aren't friends anymore. Second, just because there are no more threats, doesn't mean it's boring. Heck, I could drop a bunch of Nui-Jaga's at Vulcanus just to kill some time," and walked away. Axonn also got up and headed towards Vulcanus to make sure that Brutaka wasn't serious about dropping a bunch of Nui-Jaga's at Vulcanus and at the same time he wanted to be there to reinforce the security of the rebuilt village.
   Brutaka was walking out of the dense jungle that he had entered. He was jok
:iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 0 0
Chapter 1 : Problems and discovery
   He laughed at me like the usual, always trying to make a fool out of me without thinking over the risks. This was an outrage. I shouted at the top of my lungs to yell at him what that was all about because I could've died. "That's for being smarter than me! You cause trouble for me again and I'll make sure you'll regret it!". That's what he said and ran off to hang out with his gang members.
   I picked myself up and the scattered fried rice all over the steps and walked down towards the stairs to the particular bench under a blossom of Sakura Trees where Frisk and John were waiting for me. They were about to yell at me for being late but stopped when they saw my messy hair and clothes glittered with fine grains of rice and mixed vegetables.
John was the first to ask. "What happened to you? Did Hassan bully you again?". Then Frisk asked "He did, didn't he?". I simply nodded and sat down on the bench, almost in tears. Frisk gave me their half of their 'Hot Dog' ma
:iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 0 0
Bionicle : The Merging of Two Worlds [Epilogue]
   It has been a few decades since Mata Nui defeated Makuta Terridax. The Matoran and Agori are reconstructing their villages together in peace with the help from Toa Hewkii, Toa Nuparu and Berix. Hewkii used his Kanohi Garai to help make the construction of the villages easily, Berix was in charge of the construction and Nuparu used his newest machine to make constructing more easier.
   "How much longer do I have to do this? I promised Macku that we'd hang out."  Hewkii asked Berix if he can be excused so that he can go to Tajun where Macku was waiting for him. "Don't worry, Hewkii. It'll just be for a little while," Berix said while amusing the reconstruction of the village.
   It took them three hours to reconstruct the Village of Tesara to fit the Jungle Tribe's and Le-Matoran's tastes. Hewkii was starting to get impatient and worried that Macku was waiting for him for too long. Nuparu noticed, walked towards him and excused him. "You can go if y
:iconriderknightheroes101:RiderKnightHeroes101 0 0


harvest moon back to nature fanart by P-Pigling harvest moon back to nature fanart :iconp-pigling:P-Pigling 7 2 Aren't they official ? #7 Turaga Lhikan by vahki6 Aren't they official ? #7 Turaga Lhikan :iconvahki6:vahki6 47 9 akita's bow and arrow by 0-0master akita's bow and arrow :icon0-0master:0-0master 50 40 Torso howto by GhostyMcspooky Torso howto :iconghostymcspooky:GhostyMcspooky 48 27 Kardatoran Arm Set by vahki6 Kardatoran Arm Set :iconvahki6:vahki6 46 23 Pohatu collector : Standing pose by vahki6 Pohatu collector : Standing pose :iconvahki6:vahki6 39 8 Kopaka collector : Fight pose by vahki6 Kopaka collector : Fight pose :iconvahki6:vahki6 53 12 New masks #4 This mask needs life by vahki6 New masks #4 This mask needs life :iconvahki6:vahki6 43 3 Aren't they official ? #2 Kahu by vahki6 Aren't they official ? #2 Kahu :iconvahki6:vahki6 33 7 Kanohi Repaint Display by vahki6 Kanohi Repaint Display :iconvahki6:vahki6 32 2 Bionicle 2015 MOC: Protector Nui by Kraadax Bionicle 2015 MOC: Protector Nui :iconkraadax:Kraadax 45 17 Bionicle MOC: Nightmare by Kraadax Bionicle MOC: Nightmare :iconkraadax:Kraadax 66 7 Down on the farm by snowcalico Down on the farm :iconsnowcalico:snowcalico 592 239 A Different Sort of Phantom by XoAmethyst-ArtistoX A Different Sort of Phantom :iconxoamethyst-artistox:XoAmethyst-ArtistoX 97 60 Happy to see you... by Bitter-Cherry Happy to see you... :iconbitter-cherry:Bitter-Cherry 645 149 Nerd Rage - The Miracle Potion by AndyKluthe Nerd Rage - The Miracle Potion :iconandykluthe:AndyKluthe 128 9



Creeps from The Deep
This is my submission for my Creative Drawing online submission.

This photo was made in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 for the frame and Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 for the coloring and effects


No journal entries yet.


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I try to make Bio-Mechanical art designs and I hope to upload some kind of art here in the future...


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