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Hi folks,

I haven't updated anything since earlier this year, but Volume XI is finally available. I have one more volume to finalize before I put it up.

I apologize for not uploading anything lately but I have a good excuse... My husband and I are having a baby :) I'm due in a month so wish us luck :thumbsup: I still come on regularly just to check things but yeah I haven't been able to produce much artwork lately.

Quick shout out and thank you to my new readers, you guys encourage me to keep up with my story! Much appreciated, if you ever have any questions feel free to send me a note. I love talking with you guys! :heart:

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Seiku23 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017
Congratulations on the baby; to you and your husband! :D ...I've not too long ago gotten into TFOT, and I am very impressed and grateful... Of fans like you doing things to always keep the DB community fresh, alive and on our toes. I stumbled onto "Celari and Boots", :) back in June, and I must say; that I'm floored by your work... Both art-style and writing, and I hope that you would be able to continue doing what you do best; with the baby on the way and all, and afterwards. ;) :) In all honesty... I would have preferred your story, than what DBS gave us; for Trunks. :P :D ...I've loved Trunks since he was introduced to the DB world, and I'm glad that he's being revered for the awesome character that he is, and he deserves no less than what/where you're helping him get and be. ;)
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Professional General Artist
THANK YOU :hug: I was so sad when he didn't come back in Z, I just had to continue his story on his own. I did my best to give him justice and a future worth his karma :heart:
Seiku23 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017
I could definitely relate. I was happy that he achieved what he set out to do some way, yet also heartbroken that we didn't get to see him again afterwards.

But, I believe that you have done him more than justice with your story; you've stayed so true to his nature and more, and you have given him more than his just deserts. :D You are his justice incarnate! :P Lol. You should definitely throw Akira, (or Toyotaro... ;)) a line sometime. You know any Japanese!?! :D

I like Celari for him as well. They fit very nicely together. I love how the story came around with/for them. It almost made me jelly at times; in all those vulnerable moments. :P But, you also found a way for me/us the readers; to live through the essence of what she is... If we were in her shoes, strength. Trunks' strength in those times of him wavering. :)

Her nickname for him, has grown on me as well. It's rather fitting; and catchy. ;)

Sorry for this long winded reply though, just had to get some stuff out there. :D Please continue to be as awesome as you are; after God. :) You and the fam. take care. ;)
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Professional General Artist
Never apologize for compliments! I cherish them all :heart: Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you like Celari. I felt that Trunks is so focused on his mission he simply wouldn't or couldn't find the time to constantly have to protect someone. He needed an equal, someone who could protect him just as well, and definitely not a cliche fan girl that would crumble around him. I wanted two broken people who end up providing just what the other needed to fix them. :)
Seiku23 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017
So understandable. They can both lean on each other when needed. ...And no problem; the kind words will be there, for who are deserving of it. ;)

If I ever get around to starting my own rendition of a DB story, I'll be more than honored to share it with you if you like. Who knows, maybe Celari could make a cameo in that universe; and have a rival in the process. :D Some healthy competition does people good. ;) Lol.

Good luck with the baby on the way and all again. You both be safe. :D :)
jayarejr Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Really enjoy your work, and hope all goes well with the baby.
Maphisto86 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Wishing you all the best with the little one on the way. :thumbsup:
Silvre Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017   Digital Artist
Awww congratulations! So exciting! :heart:
Munchie92 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Awwww congrats on the newest addition :3
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