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Hi folks,

I haven't updated anything since earlier this year, but Volume XI is finally available. I have one more volume to finalize before I put it up.

I apologize for not uploading anything lately but I have a good excuse... My husband and I are having a baby :) I'm due in a month so wish us luck :thumbsup: I still come on regularly just to check things but yeah I haven't been able to produce much artwork lately.

Quick shout out and thank you to my new readers, you guys encourage me to keep up with my story! Much appreciated, if you ever have any questions feel free to send me a note. I love talking with you guys! :heart:

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience and support. My copyright issue has been resolved so I will slowly start taking my pieces out of storage. This incident has inspired me to take a look at my account and I'm going to make some changes to organize things better. 

As of right now, the only piece I made available is the read file of THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS, but only the first volume. This is because I have been going through the entire story again trying to flesh out the characters more and add a bit more depth to the story. I've never had any training in writing so I'm learning as I go. And I realized some important things seem to be missing in the literature. I've been writing it from the viewpoint of describing something I'm watching onscreen. I'm trying to break that habit and describe more of the things you can't see but the things you feel. I suppose that's why people who read a lot always say the book is better than the movie.

I also plan on taking a lot of my older illustrations and redoing them, excited for that! :)

I will let you know when more volumes are added~ ;) I hope everyone likes the little changes/additions I'm making. I know I do! I will also slowly start taking my pictures out of storage, there's just a lot and I want to take my time to organize things.

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Hi everybody!

I'm currently having a legal issue with a couple of my deviations. I'm consulting with an attorney about the matter and he suggested I hide all my other pieces so the other party won't have the option of going fishing while we deal with this matter.

I also want you to know that I am currently going through The Future of Trunks very thoroughly and polishing a lot of things. I'm not much of a reader so writing an actual book is more/less over my head. There are a lot of techniques I'm not aware of because I've never studied writing, but I feel like I'm learning simple but effective execution on my own... or at least I hope so.

I will let you all know when my work is back up, and when The Future of Trunks has been updated. Thank you all so much for your support! I'm excited about the changes I'm making~ :D

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Hey all, from time to time I update what I've written. I don't have an editor so I try to go back and catch mistakes, and even rework or reword some stuff that doesn't sit well with me anymore. Nothing too major ever changes, it's usually the little things that ended up meaning a lot that I go over and touch up.

If you're in the middle of reading, please update your file with the current one. And if you've read thru it already, I ask that you replace your copy with this one, just in case you choose to re-read again :)

Thanks a lot for all your input and comments, both on this and on my artwork. They really mean a lot to me :heart:


also, p.s. - Anime Expo is this coming week and I may have a surprise for you all...
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Hi Everybody :)

I apologize for taking a bit of an unintentional break for a couple months. Just needed to recharge. I want you to know that while I've been kinda quiet, I re-read the entire Future of Trunks to fix/tweak/edit things. I feel I've done as much as I already could. Certain details are not quite as elaborate and defined as I would like them to be, others I love.

I'd like to ask you guys now, if you could let me know of certain things that didn't make sense or things you would like to have gotten a better picture of. This can be how a certain setting looks in your head or could be why a character behaved or said something in a certain way.

I would love any input at all that you might have to give to help me improve the story. I still owe 2 drawings from my last journal entry (that I have every intention of fulfilling), but I would like to offer another sketch from my book to anyone who has some advice for me.

Thank you all again so much for reading, I hope to hear from you! :heart:
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Hey guys, well as I said before I may finally be done writing out The Future of Trunks, but that doesn't mean this project is finished. I am now focused on developing the visuals for it - such as the following:

I'm only sticking with b+w pencil for now because it's the fastest for me. I'm intimidated by color and for now I want to focus on getting the images out as fast as i can, even if it means rough. I can always clean them up later.

I am now asking you for input and suggestions on what I should draw. I will take the first 5 people who suggest a scene for me to draw and punch them out. Hearing your ideas helps keeps me motivated and energetic. You are very much appreciated as my readers, so I hope you'll accept these as a thank you :)

Btw, YES - you may request spoilers for this.

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It's true. The Future of Trunks is at last complete. This book has taken me over 5 years to write, and over 10 years to develop. It has turned into a much bigger story than I ever imagined. I am grateful to every single one of you for your enthusiasm and encouragement. I likely will have never had the motivation to complete it without you. :heart:

Fair warning, this volume is twice as long as any of the others you've read so far. There was really no point in splitting this segment of the story in half, it would just make you all crazy. You should be nice and tired (and hopefully satisfied) after you finish. If you read it all in one sitting even, you get major props. :thumbsup:

I would love any thoughts/input you may have about what you had predicted, hoped for, were surprised by, so on and so forth. I did write this story selfishly for me, but I do listen to what other DBZ/Trunks fans have to say about it.

In the end, though, I hope you all truly enjoyed The Future of Trunks and will continue to enjoy future artwork from me based on it. :) This project is not "finished". This is merely the beginning...

All my thanks,
Victoria G~
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It's finished YAAYYY!!!! The Future of Trunks is finally complete (not including the epilogue which will come at a later time.)

So I have a page count that should help explain why this last volume has taken so long. In the beginning, the volumes started out roughly around 15 pages each. Then they eventually grew to around 20. This last volume reached THIRTY-SEVEN (37) PAGES. Geez, I knew it was gonna be long but good grief. My total page count has broken 250 pages. My word count is over 180,000. And my character count is over 1,000,000.

So you're probably wondering WHERE IS IT??? Sorry but I need to review it again just to get all the bugs out, and I need my editor to review it and make sure everything makes sense. So I'm sorry to keep you waiting still, it's soooo close, I'm almost there!

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Ok, so i AT LAST have alllllll the last pieces of the puzzle situated. I'm sorry it's taken me so long, but with all the interweaving of details, i struggled for a long time to finally figure out how to straighten them all out. The original Dragonball Z series had so many complex story lines that strategically weaved in and out of each other, but eventually all fell into place. That's what i've been trying so hard to achieve with The Future of Trunks. I didn't want a linear storyline where details and events merely follow one after an another. NO - I wanted so much more than that! I wanted each character to have his own goals, own achievements. And with everyone following their own story they ultimately end up where i intended them to, satisfying all my readers - those who have been with me since the beginning 5 years ago, those who just found The Future of Trunks recently, and all those in between.

I'm very much reminded of this quote from the tenth doctor about all this - 

So that being said, everything will hopefully just sort of flow out of me from here. I can already tell tho, this is going to be the longest volume yet. 

And, there will likely be an epilogue as well, but i may wait to release that at a later time. I'm also seriously considering turning parts 1 and 2 of volume VI into separate volumes so i end on a nice round XII.

Patience! The conclusion of The Future of Trunks is coming!

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The second to last volume is here!! finally (sorry). life sucks up my time. Well anyway, enjoy guys! Comments/notes are mucho appreciated. I would say try not to reveal spoilers but screw it. Say what you want :P Happy Thanksgiving.

The Future of Trunks - Vol XI Cover by Rider4Z  The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-XII [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z

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YES I finally finished writing the next volume. It's longer than the others i think. 25 pages. That is longer, right? Well there's a lot of stuff going on and I can't just throw a break in randomly cuz it wouldn't make sense.

Give me the next couple days to have my editor go through it and hopefully i can pull a cover together for this highly anticipated volume!

We're getting close to the end, folks. I predict only one more volume after this one!

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So as it just so happens, I have reached writing the final installment of  The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-XII [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z I've been constantly working in my head, and writing every night. And as of right now I have over 20 pages and plenty more to get through. So this will for certain be 2 volumes, maybe more. I may do what i did with volume 6 and simply make it a 2-parter. Not sure yet. 

I've also come to realize that the finale of my story is much more complex than I thought. Piecing all these links together is requiring me to develop even more links and more story to make it work. It's actually pretty exciting! The whole thing is starting to write itself again, which i love because it makes my job easier and more fun. I wish I could draw as fast as I write because this would turn itself into a doujinshi in no time.

I'll be honest, I don't know when this will be finished. Within the next 2 months I hope. But as I've said before, and as several of you have mentioned, I'm not going to sacrifice quality for speed. I've worked too hard and too long to crap out at the end just to get it done. It's going to be as good as the rest of the story, and finish off with an ending that should leave you all very satisfied.

Thank you so much for your patience :) it means a great deal to me.
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The Future of Trunks Vol. X Cover by Rider4Z…
Boa's dead. Trunks' life has been spared, while Celari's hangs in the balance. The Earth is frozen in its rotation and no one yet knows what the Kai's ultimate intentions are. Bulma returns her focus back to the Capsule Corp hospital, while the rest of the world's population is looking for answers. Are Olivo, Gill and Chance the only hopes left to discover them?

The Kai has been a passive player and we've only seen a small glimpse of his power... until now, as Tomo finally finds her chance to figure out what those bizarre writings all over his fortress are all about. Prepare for Pandora's Box to be opened.

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Volume IX is in its final stage of completion. I am merely waiting now on my editor (aka husband) to review it and make sure everything makes sense. It may be a few days because he's really busy lately. But hopefully that'll give me a chance to catch up on my covers. I think i'm two behind -_-;

Anywho, this volume ended up a lot longer than I intended, but I couldn't skimp on the details and the gaps just kept filling themselves in, wow. Makes me wonder how many more volumes it'll take for me to finish. I thought just one after this but it may end up being two....

Keep an eye out for the next volume. And fans of the Kai, prepare yourselves for a shocking revelation!

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My husband :iconstryyderg: has always been very supportive of my DBZ spin-off, The Future of Trunks. And this year he's blown me away with my present. He took my piece :thumb183007349: and had a custom wallscroll made of it!! >>>… <<<<

He is amazing and I love him. This has given me great inspiration to finish my story. I've realized this past year that I take on entirely too much responsibility and put too much on my plate to give The Future of Trunks the proper focus. It is my goal to have my story finalized by my next birthday and I am thoroughly motivated.

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Hey guys, I'd like to carve a pumpkin this year since I didn't last year, but i'm not sure what i should do. Anyone have any ideas/requests? I'd love your input! :D here's some of my previous years' pumpkins....

Future Trunks Pumpkin by Rider4Z Sanji Pumpkin Carving by Rider4Z FFVII Pumpkin Carving by Rider4Z

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Future of Trunks: Vol. I Cover by Rider4Z

Hey all :) I'm putting up this journal for the purposes of receiving some detailed feedback about my story. I appreciate that you've left your comments very vague so as not to reveal spoilers, but here you may talk about whatever you wish! What you like, what you don't like either in story or my style of writing, and also things you hope to see happen. I'd love to hear what you have to say. It's true I'm writing this mostly for me, but I'm open to adapting certain elements so as to appeal to more people. (I don't really consider that pandering, more/so trying to understand what people enjoy so as to improve the overall quality.) I'm coming closer to finishing, so I want this thing nice and shiny when complete!

I also want to give a special thank you to everyone who has stuck with me for so long. I understand I'm taking forever to finish, but I promise it will be worth it. Any Dragonball Z fan will approve with how this story comes to an end.

Much appreciation,
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Ok, so i didn't end up finishing my cover art before the volume is released. Truth be known, i have a previous obligation to finish up before i can do my cover art and you guys have waiting long enough to read the next installment.

Now i admit, i may make slight changes or adjustments to Vol. VIII by the time IX comes out, but the key elements will remain the same. The proper set up is important, you know ;). so depending on the details that will only reveal themselves to me when i reach them may require a few tweaks from earlier on. i'm rambling now so i'ma stop.

Enjoy Vol. VIII! we are closing in on the final confrontation! (cover art and more pictures to come)


The Future of Trunks Vol VII cover by Rider4Z
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FINALLY, i will be releasing the next volume of The Future of Trunks. I apologize for taking so long. I came to the conclusion recently that because I take on so many projects, whether i get paid for them or not, it hindered my ambition to complete my story and turn it into an epic release. so as of... maybe ten days ago, i stopped EVERYTHING (except for work, i have bills) and have been continuously focused on writing and character development.

I have a few cover arts that i need to catch up on, so you can expect those first. As soon as they are finished i will release Vol. VIII, and start production of the final conclusive volume IX (which may end up being a two-parter like Vol. VI, we'll see how long it ends up being.)

Thank you all so much for your patience, I hope i haven't lost you as readers because of my tardiness ^_^;;

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:thumb183007349: was made in honor of me reaching 10,000 page views.
I'm getting close to 20,000 views so i thought i'd do something to commemorate. Are there any specific scenes in The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-XII [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z that you'd guys like to see put to screen? If i get enough suggestions i may do a poll.

Please let me know, thanks guys! :)
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