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I:VI - Celari defends the city
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Published: September 20, 2016
Volume I Chapter VI continued from I:VI - Searching for Boa by Rider4Z

    Celari felt a flicker and darted in its direction, but the flickering continuously changed position. She closed in on him many times but was only chasing shadows. For a split second she swore she had him, but a tail whipped around her neck and threw her through a business’ window. The people inside screamed and shielded themselves in surprise as Celari crashed through the glass.

    Boa showed himself confidently in the middle of the street causing vehicles to slam on their brakes. Several drivers stuck their heads out of their windows to curse and yell at the moron in the road. Boa just grinned at them, happy to have something to blow up. He spread his arms out on either side and fired waves of energy towards the cars, plowing the street from end to end.

    Only a few miles away in the air Trunks’ senses were triggered by the explosion. He had been following Celari’s energy signal but she was adept at hiding her power level as well. He hastened his flight feeling Boa’s surge of energy and descended to the city.

    The smoke filled street slowly cleared. Spectators from surrounding buildings exited to see what happened. Many of them screamed and ran seeing the alien creature, inadvertently drawing Boa’s attention. His face displayed a wide-eyed evil smile and he lifted his arm to fire again. Just before he released, Celari jumped in front of the blast and deflected it away from the terrified crowd.

    “Come on, Boa!” she yelled, now with a few bloody cuts that she paid little mind to. “You’re so quick to attack the helpless, but you run and hide whenever someone actually raises a finger against you!”

    “You really think I’ll fall for your psychological babble? Pride is your Achilles’ heel, not mine,” Boa laughed.
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Boa gonna destroy everything, buahahhaha :D
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