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I:V - Boa Fires by Rider4Z I:V - Boa Fires by Rider4Z
Volume I Chapter V continued from I:V - Stare Down by Rider4Z

    Celari raised her voice in authority. “You’re out of your league here, Boa. You can hardly take me on and you know it, let alone the two of us,” she warned. Trunks raised an eyebrow at her not realizing an alliance had suddenly formed between the two of them.

    Boa threw his head back and laughed. “That may be true, but you’re forgetting who I am, Celari. I am not a saiyan. Fighting is not what interests me…” The pale man bared his sharp teeth with an ear to ear grin. “…Oh no, I relish in the blood curdling screams that come from destruction and chaos!” he roared as he threw his arm up, laughing and gathering energy in his palm. “This is my pleasure, Celari. And you know it!” Without hesitation, he threw his energy wave into the stadium.

    Trunks yelped in surprise. He turned and saw the beam hit the base of the tower and surrounding bleachers. An explosion erupted destroying the corner of the stadium floor.

    Bulma and the others watched the section they were just sitting in erupt into a fire ball. Trunks watched in horror as the Birdseye Box crashed to the ground. The stadium filled with panic and the air filled with screams as people were caught in the debris. Smoke rose up as the fire spread around the collapsed building.

    Boa held himself proudly in the air and laughed.

I:V - Close Call by Rider4Z Trunks Saves Mei by Rider4Z
BladeRiver Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Student
No, stop it Boa, u gonna destroy the whole planet!!

Well done job with this page Rider :)
MCN51FJ Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
Things are really getting intense now. Keep it up.
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Professional General Artist
thank you~
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