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Dragonball Saiyan Anatomy Tutorial - Male/Female

:iconkawaiitrumpet: requested a tutorial on female saiyans, so here's a side by side comparison. The key to remember in their size differences is the rib cage. A smaller rib cage in the female is the foundation for what creates her shape. The hips/rear are the same size as a male, but the narrow rib cage brings in the waist and narrows the shoulders giving the illusion of wide hips.
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Ngl, the hairstyle looks very similar to Yamcha's.

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This is super helpful!!

thanks so much!! really needed this

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you're now one of the only reasons humanity shouldn't die yet.
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wow that's pretty sad. thanks tho
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is there more, because this is very interesting
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I've only done this one. Thanks :)
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Found this when i started drawing again. I'm sure this will be usefull when i get to full bodies. Right now it's just some okay faces lol. :D
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this is very interesting thank you for teaching me
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your style looks lihe masahiro shimanuki style :D
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Wow that's very specific! :D
Hey i found this to be very useful. Can you in the future make a full body for male and female saiyans. I can't draw legs or toe to save my life. Also, love your story amazing, one of the best things i have ever read keep up the great work.
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Hey thanks! I don't really have time right now to make another tutorial but I'll keep it in the back of my mind!
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This is much useful to do while designing a female Saiyan on my own, later or sooner. :D (Big Grin) 
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Very nice ref!  Just used this last night to help fine tune the muscles on a saiyan female of my own that I've been redesigning.  She needed it too, her old design now is just like..."What was I thinking?" XD
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Awesome! This'll be very useful for drawing my Xenoverse Character.
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Nice tutorial.

Is very useful, especially the tips of the female saiyan body and face :D
This is going to be helpful to a very large number of artists.

Myself included, obviously.
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Great, I hope so :)
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Wonderful to look at, I will absolutely keep this in mind...
But when I draw teh ladies, I like to make dat booty pop. :icondatassplz:
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Hey I'm not one to judge~
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hey this could be useful, thanks =D
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