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Zatanna 2007
I decided to go with shorts rather then a thong as if it was something a real magician would wear on stage, and have a bit of modesty. :P

Also went for the larger fishnets because in photos and in person the smaller ones come across a little Grey. The took aspect from various artists versions to make this version. It was tailored by my fantastic friend Sean Patton of SMPdesigns.com

The hat was a bit of a challenge because it is is a collapsible satin top hat. Those aren't as common anymore.

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i bought this print from you. thank you so much. you pulled off the character nicely.
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Beautiful costume... love the sign ;-)
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I like the outfit! Zatanna is my second favorite comicbook character. The only thing I thing would make it sexyer is a pair of black shiny leather thigh boots like she wore in her last comicbook series. NOT THAT I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU YOUR BUSINESS, Because I am not, I just saying what I think is the perfect Zatanna, in my mind.You look great!!!! Can we be friends?
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nice touch with the sign :D
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You look awesome!
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Love it, you make a lovely Zatanna, well done! :)
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Awesome I LOVE Zatanna :)
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That's a great look!
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Great cosplay. It's really nice to see people cosplaying some of the other characters that don't get much spot light as they deserve. =)
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Ho ym dog taht si gnizama, sa ytterp sa Annataz flesreh.
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Nice cosplay. But I can't figure out the first word of the sign. I got ____or bust.
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yeah I figured it out two seconds after I asked the question XD
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Nevermind just figured it out
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One of my favorite female characters! I seem to have a thing for the magic users :) The trunk is a nice touch too.
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If Zatanna existed, I think she'd be very proud of you for looking the part SOOOOOO well! :D :blush: :love:

And what better place than Gotham City for Zatanna to show her magic show? After all, that place is so gloomy it's perfect for Zatanna to perform (and, why not, LIVE) there. You know: the dark atmosphere of the city combines with the mystical forces involving magic.

What do you think? :)
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A wonderfully done Zatanna! :)
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Your beautiful as Zatanna. would love to see the thong version as well:heart:
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so fantastic, even the way u become zatanna on that pic n_n
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That's one hitchhiker I'd definitely brake for. Good job.
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If there is a movie and Zatanna is in it, YOU MUST PERFORM THE CHARACTER NO MATTER WHAT!!
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*^^* I would love too! But learning to talk backwards would be tricky!
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You could always record your lines, play them sdrawcab, and lip-sync... -_^
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