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My version of the huntress. After doing the HUSH version, I thought it would be fun to try to do a movie version. The body suit is made out of leatherette, the mask is sculpted,
the belt is a modified batman begins belt (cause the design of it is great) the front had been changed to be able to support the holsters. The staff comes apart into four sections and fits in the holster.

Please check out my website HimeArts.com
For information on construction of the costume.

Sorry about the picture quality. All I have is convention shots right now.
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Those are some hot ass boots!
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The Movie Version is amazing! I would see this movie again and again.
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That is one bad ass costume! :w00t:
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The quality of the costume is awesome, movie quality indeed. Great job. Like the comic come to life.
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Please, please, please wear this at NYCC october 2011!!! Please! lol
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Damn, that's awesome!
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I know I'm pretty late on finding this but your work is AMAZING! I had a look at your website, you've got an amazing group of people to work with!

Btw, where did you get your belt? I'm looking to do some Batman universe costumes and I'd love a belt to go with them, but I'm dashed if I can find a decent one!
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Thank you for the compliment!

Most of my costumes are just my husband, my friend sean (SMP designs) and myself.
Big Sister was an exception with a large group of people because of the tight deadline.

As for the Huntress belt, it was modified lab 604 (Chris and I) from a batman begins belt :)
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If I could find a group of people like you have out here in Australia, I'd be a VERY happy lady!

Thanks, I'll see if I can locate one - I'm looking to do a Batgirl costume (Barbara's Batgirl) to add to my costume portfolio and it's just not a batsuit without a bat belt!!!
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very very great!
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You frickin ROCK!!!
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awesome costumes!
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What did you mold the mask from, if you don't mind my asking? My boyfriend is helping me build a realistic, functional Huntress costume for a fan film we're making and the mask is our biggest concern right now. ^^;
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Hello My husband sculpted the mask on a cast of my head and casted it in fiberglass. Looking forward to seing your movie :)
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Cool, thanks! :highfive:
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You are a great Huntress.
It's sad, that there are not so much Huntress Cosplayer ... i think, a lot of people don't know her at all ^^,

But you look very great in this costume ^__^
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I'm surprised how many people didn't know who it was when I first wore the costume, she is a little more well known now :)
Thank you for your compliments! I really love all your costume photos *^^*
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This is sooo AWESOME! I don't want to know, how much money, time and effort you put in this, but it was really worth it!
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man thats freaking awesome... well done... i didnt think the huntress could look look so hardcore but you pulled it off. I checked out your gallery and i gotta say you have major talent. Keep it up.
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Thanks so much I have to admit after watching batman begins it really made me realize this was possible. Basically thought of her as a low rent batman. :)
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yeah i love the revamped uniforms of batman and the xmen. Made them feel real and who would take anyone serious running around kicking ass in spandex.
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ah still the same inspirational costume that i saw at the League of heroes
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Thank you very much :) I know I posted a picture of it a long time ago on LOH, but was pretty sure its forgotten lol
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