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Cosplay for A Cause Teaser

Check out Cosplay for a Cause Facebook page or

To see some of the sample images from all the cosplayers involved in the calendar! These are just teaser images and the final images featured in the calendar will be different!

If you like what you see Order the calendar at
100% of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross.

Shirow is known for da boobs.
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Why making boobs so big? It looks ridiculous. :|
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Have you heard how the Cause did?
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Perfect Motoko Kusanagi cosplay !!
Really awesome !! ;)
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I want more of this costume! SMEXEH
Actually, Shirow san's early work, (And I think his best) had woman with fairly normal chests. Even in the first GITS manga, Kusangi had a normal chest size.

Later he developed the Small waisted, gravity defying missile boobs. I don't care for it, but he's still the best at techno punk and wet shiny bodies.

Nice cosplay!
All those conventions sound like they are going to be a blast but I won't be at them :(
Just from the part that I can see you did an amazing job on the costume, it looks exactly like what Motoko would wear.Is it going to be a full body shot of you in the calender or is it going to look the same as you in this picture?
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its a completely different shot in the calendar :) But its a full body shot in the calendar with a tachikoma.
It's you with a tachikoma, now I have to buy it. Also while I can't your whole body in this pic to me it looks like your boobs are too big. Once I see the full body pic then it will probably look like the correct proportions for Motoko. I think I'm the only guy here saying your boobs are too big :P
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haha yeah the angle on this picture does create a weird largeness. I think I can safely say they look smaller in the calendar shot.

If your going to be at Dragoncon
Awa or NYCC you can come pick up a calendar personally as well, if you wanted to save on shipping :)
All those conventions sound like they are going to be a blast but I won't be at them :(
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aww then I hope you will get a chance to order a calendar. tell me what you think of the photo when you get it :)
It's already on order, once I get it I'll tell you what I think.

Seeing you with the purple hair and the boobs, have you ever thought of doing a costume of Leela from Futurama?
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thank you for that Shirow tribute
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Is dis Ghost in the Shell?
Are da boobs real? ~WOW~
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Have they given any thought to a digital edition? I'd love to put all the images from this calendar on a digital frame, thus creating a digital calendar for my wall.
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Hello! That is a very cool idea, but we will not be offering a digital version of the calendar at this time. Only way to get the photos is to purchase the calendar, you could then scan if you wanted and make your own digital calendar.
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Thanks for the reply. I'll just have to get a print copy. *sarcastic* Darn.
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Yep you got epic Shirow boobs now ;)
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DAIM!! now thats how you cosplay, perfect figure. can't wait to see more of you.
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would rather have a "Riddle" Cosplay Calendar actually
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