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Avengers Assemble

By Riddle1
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Taken at Heroes Con 2009

Wasp Costume: Lab 604, Hong and I
Scarlet Witch: Valerie

Scarlet Witch Mask: Lab 604 [link]

Visit HimeArts.com for more costume information.
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Jun 20, 2009, 3:00:32 AM
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I was actually at this heroes con and got a picture of you on my phone. When I got back home to va all my buddies were hands down in love with the hottie;the wasp myself included. you rock:) I was blown away to see this pic and you on dev art, Your a beauty;)
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Hey! We met at nycc2010 on Friday in the afternoon by the Adam Hughes table. I immediately fell in love with you (especially when you told me the metal parts of this costume were adhered by magnet! BY MAGNET!!!) but had I known how much cooler you actually were I would have asked to marry me right there! LOL! :blowkiss: Check the pic out! [link]
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Thank you very much for the links!
Everyone loves magnets :D
Did you have fun at NYCC? the crowds were crazy and not really costume friendly in the sense of the crowds, but everyone seemed to appreciate the costumes themselves :)
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Thats because you rock! Your magnets didnt fall off did they? lol. Anyway did Marvel officially hire you to model the female Loki costume? And do you make ALL your costumes yourself, or do you hire out some? Thanks for getting back to me!
:blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:
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Nope those magnets really stay on there.
None of the comic companies seem to hirer costumers, maybe its too distracted??
I make almost all my own stuff, sometimes I get help from friends with the more complex sewing.
But all props, fabrication, design, etc is done by me.
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So then where'd they get those pics of you dressed as female Loki and the girl dressed as Invisible Woman? They posted it on their website as if it were theirs. You should look into that.

And your work rocks! All your costumes look cool, with authentic detials, and you have the shape and looks to fit them! ...Marry me... :giggle:
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Well when you go into the Marvel booth and get up on stage they make you sign a model release.
So any costumer who went up there the company can use their photo for whatever they like.

I try to work hard to keep in shape but I could work a 'bit' harder :) I just love food too much!
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Tell me about it! Food is the bane of my stomach! lol! Luv u!
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You make a stunning Wasp, and I love the insect armor. You even have Janet's hair down perfect.

And let Valerie know that she's a great Wanda.
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Thank you very much for the compliment, It was nice to have a lovely counterpart too :)
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you both look AMAZING! like you just jumped outta the comic! :D very hot ;)
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thank you so much ! :)
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i like the wast...and her coostume.. xD
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This is exactly why I need to get out to more conventions!

Well, that and the whole drawing stuff thing but this is like icing on the cake.

You look smashing as always and that Wasp outfit is just aces.
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AW...two of my favorite marvel ladies. Both of whom have gotten the short end in the last 6 years. *sigh*

Costume looks fantastic, btw. Any full shots of it?
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I have on other shot on my myspace.
more of a candid :P
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HA! Nice one. Gotta love the candid shots! ;)
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I love the textures in the Wasp costume.
It's all entirely spandex or vinyl.
I like it!
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Its more like a leatherette :) But its super comfy!
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I has a typo.
I meant to say, "It's not all spandex or vinyl."
Leatherette, you say?
Sounds kinky!
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