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A doesn't stand for France

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This "A" doesn't stand for France, This "EH" Stands for Canada!

Photo taken by DJ Judy
Captain America:Chris Fields
USO girl "A": Me
American Dream: Liz Rowland

Costumes Done by Respective Individuals

I have to say, Chris Fields made these shields and they are amazing!
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Yeah, we already know that the A stand for "Asshole".
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:iconsuperfeaturedplz: This piece has been featured in Are You Super? - Vol. 14
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When do we Canadians say EH! We never do, what evs
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I'm Canadian and to be honest, we do say it...we just don't realize we do.
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Cool!All of us love your pic very much and it is shared our website "zentaiflickr" because you have a chance to win a free prize if you get the most "likes" from others.
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This is so cool! You are an AMAZING Costumer~!
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The shields ARE amazing. Kudos to you all. You see how Cap's mask is done? Why couldn't they have done that for the movie? And for The Avengers? I think it looks better than the helmet they made the character wear.
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Nice... assets :]
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I like the American Dream Costume. :D Does it have removable disks on the gloves?

BTw, did you ever think about doing Lisa MolinarI(aka Coat of Arms)? [link](Earth-616)
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Of course A doesn't stand for France; France starts with a F!
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Those shields are great!
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You all look terrific!

BTW, I found a post were Chris Fields does a step-by-step on making the shields - [link]
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your USO girl is perfect!
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Woot for the canadian joke XD
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I love that the Captain America cosplayer's first name is Chris (Chris Evans plays Capt. in the movie :)). You and American Dream look beautiful!
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"A"?... Those sure look like "D"s!
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HAH! I almost fell out of my chair.
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Great job, and I love the reference to the Ultimates
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If I were a fighter pilot, I'd make you my nose art ;)
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Words fail me, absolutly brilliant!
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Like them shields! In the immortal words of Will Smith, "I got to get me one of those!"
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