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Steven Universe : Garnet

By Ridd-Li
Yup. I'm a huge Steven Universe nerd so I'm going to have a run at some Steven Universe Fan Art! :v. So here's Garnet! Next up, Pearl! :)

If you're interested you can have a look at the time lapsed video process set to "Stronger Than You" (sung by the gem herself) on my facebook page right here:
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Garnet looks so badass like that it’s awesome
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this is actually like insane

like you've passed the point of realism it looks more real than real life

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Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

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woah thats cool - first thing in my mind! :nod:

Ridd-Li's avatar

Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much. I'm glad. :) (Smile) 
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I grew up in the 80s.  This is GORGEOUS! Starry Eyes Steven Emote by tinystalker
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Thanks. I'm glad you like it. :) (Smile) 
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OMG I love this so much. It's so badass.Garnet Emoticon 
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Hello, I was wondering if you could please give me feedback on a video I made called gembound gameplay if you wanna check it out.…

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Garnet wachted grease for the first time
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WooooooOOOooOOOooow so cool
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This is how garnet would look in real life. You really captured her personality
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this captures the essence of garnet:)
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Your art posted in my blog. Font cited.=)…
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why does garnet look like a stand user

dang it now i cant unsee it hELP
DatBoiManderz's avatar
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