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So pride has always been something with a lot of importance to me, and a big part of my life and who I am today, and I know there's many others who can say the same.

It's been a long journey to get where we are now, and we've still got a long way to go. It's been a battle to get what we deserve and there always seems to be another mountain after mountain to climb. I chose red as the main focus for my pride picture because for me it signifies how much the queer community has gone through and what we've collectively lost to get here. It's all the blood that's been shed to get here, and it's a solemn reminder not to forget those who we lost on the way and can't be here to fight by our side today.

But most importantly I think it's important to remember that no matter how blood stained the flag may be, or will get, our voices will never die down, and we'll never stop fighting. Even after the devastating attack in Orlando the queer community stayed strong. Despite all the hate being thrown our way we will not fall, no matter how terrible or harsh things may get for the queer community. Despite all the loss, all the struggles we’ve made progress that are worth being proud of, and those can never be forgotten.

One day Pride parade will be a victory march, but first we need to pave the way there.

We will survive. We will push onward.

So I strayed too far from the pallet and theme for it to count, but it's something I really wanted to make anyway. I have a lot of strong feelings but I still don't feel like this picture does them justice-  But most importantly I want to say whatever your identity is, it's valid and never let anyone tell you anything else. And if you're not in a position where your true identity can flourish or be revealed: things get better. Hang in there.

Edit: WhOA Thanks so much for all the attention and nice comments! I am reading them all but there's a lot of the same thing so I'm not going to reply to every individual one, but thanks so much :heart:

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Happy pride!
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"we've still got a long way to go" HOW !

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Being gay is still illegal in many countries and many politicians use anti-LGBT policies to lure in bigoted voters.

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Yeah and that's sad.😢😢😢
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first point valid second point invalid

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Literally happens in my country but okay

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This is so raw and so beautiful.
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This feels more meaningful now than ever...

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beautiful work! :heart:

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Like the smallest bee packs a sting

Like a pawn checkmates a king

We'll attack at the crack of dawn

Build a ladder if there's a wall

Don't be afraid to slip and fall

Speak for yourself or they'll speak for you

Now, the time is now

We can still turn it around

Raise your voice like a weapon

Til they fall to the ground

Light, let there be light

Without a shadow of doubt

We will fight tooth and nail until

Salvation is found

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♦️♠️*raises gay flag* even if i suffer because of my sexuality! I shall say. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!♥️♣️
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Pride month is very important to me as well. You have encaptured the feeling very well. :clap:

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Gorgeous! Powerful!

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I love the serious tone; really matches the powerful message!

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I can't stop staring at this piece, it says so much and it gives off so much power. I love it!
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I'm glad it resonates with you so much! Thank you!
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1 one for seven deadly sin's is Pride. P R I D E. Idk why but i think pride is deadly then.
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We chose the word pride to represent our community to show that we aren't afraid to stand up to the religion that has hurt us for so long. It is a direct fuck you to the church

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