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Shattered Glass Ratbat

Na na na na na RATBAT!
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I can imagine a SG Tarantulas being Spider-Man.

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I am vengeance! I am the night! I. AM. RATBAT!
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"Na na na na na RATBAT!"

And his trusty sidekick, Laserbeak, the Bird Wonder!
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Ain't he a cutie.
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A more gentle fruitbat Ratbat?. Now that I could get use to.
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nananana nananananana nananananana RATBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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in someway I kind of see Ratbat having a Kevin Conroy like voice  
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At day he is the millionaire Ratbat, but night, he becomes vengeance itself. He is... (na na na na na) Batbot!
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Super sharp lines, very nice.
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That is awesome on so many levels.
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Awww, so adorable ... wait, is that the bat-signal on his chest?
RID-NightViper's avatar
See Walky's next "Recordicons" comic strip ;)
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Oh wow. a Ratbat that thinks its batman. TOO FUNNY.
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This has been featured in this club's blog. [link]
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So sneaky-looking, so adorable!
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His pose is like "Mine. MY PRECIOUS!" :D
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LOL. Actually, the original inspiration for the pose was an image of a self-help guru giving the double thumbs up with a ridiculous grin on his face. That...that didn't translate well to a bat :D
lonegamer7's avatar
If he still had the thumbs that real bats have, it might work (although his phalanges would be tricky)...
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Awwww, so cuddly looking <3
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Oh, hey, you're the one who drew everyone's favorite self-help guru TF! Sweet. :D

*goes and sheepishly fixes her guess on the wiki*
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