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Hi everyone~

Welcome to my freebie journal!

As a thank you to all of my watchers, I've decided to make occasional freebies for you all!

This is where you can leave suggestions for me if you'd like to see me draw a specific character. All you gotta do is comment with a link of your OC or any character from an anime/show and I might draw it! Even scenes, if you have anything in mind~ (eg. Madoka Magica, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, My Little Pony, Boku No Pico, Naruto...)

When I'm free and feel like drawing some cute and cool characters, I'll be choosing ones that seem like fun to draw~ c:

There's no limit for suggestions, so you can comment as many times as you'd like and leave links to many and any characters!
If you've already been picked though, I'd rather see you wait a while before commenting again <3 I'd like to give the opportunity to everyone~!


EDIT: I've stopped replying to every suggestion, but that doesn't mean you can't comment! I'll still pick out a few characters each month and draw them! :happybounce:

Finished Freebie Showcase
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Hi! Somehow I forgot to add to this when I first followed... over a year and a half ago. Wow, time really flies.

Anyway, here's my OC, just in case you select it:

Have a wonderful day.

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Can you please do my OC, Moony??

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your art is so cute ;w;//

i'll leave a link to my oc's i dont have a lot ;w;

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please reread the journal.


Oh shoot, I missed that, part! I'm so sorry, it was late at night. :D

I've become a watcher to stay! Am I viable for a drawing of one of mah babies?

Bored drawing turned gift! (Digital)


Tia 12 (Digital)

Tia Belle

Carrie 1 (Modern version) (Digital)

Carrie Hill

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You're very welcome! Sorry about that little problem from earlier. <3

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Please read the journal.

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I did?? can you please explain? I'm sorry, i'm confused. I read it twice.

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I'm sorry. I thought I was watching, but apparently I'm not. My apologies.

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I would ask for a drawing, but I imagen that you're a bit over worked with other people's request. so i'll spare you

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I don't take every request here, only characters I like and think would look good in my style, so feel free to leave a comment. :aww: <3

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Thanks for the chance bro,, your art is super cute :0

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Looking quite lovely.

I certainly have many of my OCs that I can choose from for you to draw. Most may take a while for you to do so I'll go with a basic one. My character Natalie Gardner, an asexual English/Roman Catholic artist and sorceress with aspergers and pyrokinesis from New Jersey with dreams of becoming a great storyteller through art and comics. with her is her pet Hodag named Igor (pronounced Eye-Gore as an homage to Marty Feldman's character in the Mel Brooks parody film Young Frankenstein)

Natalie and Igor sketch
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Looking great and have one here~

I try to separate my OCs that each get some drawn spot light. So, for this one, i have a demon that you might like. Bordana, Lordess of her realm and wanting to have more under her control.

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Curiouser and curiouser...

Lionceau -The Ghost Who Sails The Stars is one of my favourite OC's. No doubt after almost 700 years, she appreciate a make-over.

Lionceau -The Ghost Who Sails the Stars
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I really love your arts and your arts is cute pretty and adorable And sweet ! :D :hug:
It's my OC Angelique…
kanbaru suruga from bakemonogatari :)
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D'aww I hope you have fun drawing the characters in the comments, your art is amazing! <3
Here's mine,,  Xope by Xiatheringneck  
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If it wouldn't be a bother... I would love to see my pfp in your art style!

My Profile Avatar
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This is a really cool thing to do, so thank you for the chance! It would be cool to see a character of mine in your style!

Clay Knight
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