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I just completed my first piece for payment which was a 3 month sub and 800 points which will probably go for a poster for my college dorm room. I plan on taking advantage of these 3 months so stay tuned for more stuff.
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ok so on February 8 of this year i started the FsCene. It's my little under updated art blog where i post my wares and stuff. On September 25, I reported that I got my 500th visit. Well less than 3 months later I got another 500 hits! I also have a total of 1500 page views. Still I think that it's cool that my little piece of internet real estate has been frequented by so many people. Also, another random stat is that I've had at least one visitor to the blog everyday since August the 5 of 2008, quite a streak.

Officially the 1,011 hits came from 62 countries or territories with the top 5 being, the USA (562), the UK (62), Canada (61), Germany (53), Mexico (23). They came from 673 cities on all inhabited continents. Also I've yet to get all 50 states but I have 48 plus the District of Columbia.

here's the link:
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Ever since I started uploading my artwork to deviantART, I have been concurrently keeping up an art blog with the "very occasional" input from *red-wine. Well today, or rather yesterday theFsCene received its 500th hit. I know this seems like a small little milestone, its not 1,000 or 10,000 or anything. Its just the fact that in much less then a year, people from more than 51 countries have visited my little piece of real estate on the internet. I was surprised when I got visits from places: Vietnam, Georgia, and Thailand. Its pretty cool to think about. If you haven't been to it yet, you can find theFsCene at:
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well, i've been working for a while on this really ambitious vector piece, look for it in my gallery. I think it's called "Hair, a shit load of it." Yeah, that's because I've decided that I want to try the über-realistic way to vector people, you know, dping each hair individually. Anyway, that piece has been putting a ton of strain on my poor little laptop. I'm approaching 1000 individual hairs and I'm only about 1/5 done with the hair. My laptop only has 512MB of RAM and needless to say almost all of that is in use. The performance of my drawing application Inkscape has slowed to a crawl so I'm going to have to take a brief hiatus from work until I either a) upgrade my RAM to about 1GB or b) my parents buy a better desktop workstation. Also, my brother is going off to college this august so when we drop him off I plan to take advantage of the education discount at the school bookstore to save $400 on Illustrator CS3...bringing me back to the problem of performance issues. I'll try to do some baby stuff that won't burn a hole through my processor until then.
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ok, i'm really quite sorry if i offend anybody by saying this but........ brushes should not be allowed in the vector gallery period. I guess i'm a vector purist but i hate seeing that freakin floating island with the tree brush on half the vectors in the gallery. make things your own work people. please. that goes for live trace too. a rule of thumb should be if you spent more booting up illustrator than making the vector, that not a good thing. rant. over.
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