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--original post below this one--

phew! almost all 50 were gone within 24 hours and the rest were given the next morning!
haha my inbox is total havoc right now |D

I really hope you guys enjoy the site! I know from experience these codes can be hard to come by (especially without paying some ridiculous price for a small invite, srsly guys these things are worth about a quarter a piece) so i was super glad to help out! <3

if you're seeing this too late, please know i buy the premium just to give these out, so i'll give out another set sometime in the future! I'm currently letting my amount stack up again so I can give them out at once. I'd like to give out another 50 at once or maybe 75, and I like to keep some around in case I have a friend who's interested in one.
soooo... maybe a big set around the winter holidays? :la: 
i'll post another journal like this one then!

that being said, please don't comment on this journal/note me/etc asking for an invite/when i'll give more out anymore because i just said when! i won't be responding to them </3


I have a bunch of codes and obviously I don't need them so I'm giving them away.

if you don't know what is:
it's basically a site that makes it easy to organise your characters with their info/artwork/etc.
Mine can be found here:
Although mine's not very pretty! I just use it for the basics haha. you can make yours much more interesting than mine.

to get an invite you just give me your soul do these 2 things:
1) create a journal linking back to this one (so i can reach more people)
2) comment on this journal with a link to the journal you made

I'll shoot you a note asap with an invite code.
please use your code asap! if it's been a while and you haven't used it, i'll toss it to another person. </3

you don't have to be a watcher or anything to claim one. i mean, if you're a watcher, thanks mate, you're a rad person. but strangers are welcome here too.
if you don't want/need an invite code but wanna share the journal anyway, that'd be great! i bought premium a while ago just to have invites to give away lmao

starting out with 25 to give away at the moment!
i don't know if these are sought after as much as they used to be so i dunno how fast these will go. maybe they'll go slowly. maybe it'll be a year from now and i'll still have some. w/e.

Adding another 25 to that since these seem to still be in demand! After that I'm going to let my amount build up more so I can do this again. vwv

take them off my hands!!

available: 0/50

yes, you are allowed to share the journal to get a code for your friend! just 1 invite per person, please <3
PPS: if it says the code is already in use, just let me know and i'll send another! I may have gotten mixed up as I'm sending out a lot of these out at once! uwu;;

also! if you miss out on these, i honestly buy the premium just to give them out, so i will be giving more away in the future! 
i just like to give them away in bulk, so keep an eye out! <3

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This is now closed! Please read the update (at the top of the journal) and no more comments.
I hope you guys enjoy the site!!

Chicken Dance Chicken Dance Chicken Dance 
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Sent! You got the last one!
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You're not, I've still got a couple left! Just sent yours!
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It says journal not found </3 Can you try again? I'll set aside a code for you until we can sort this out! ^^
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Ahh I already deleted the journal because i already got one ;; you can give it to another person
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Oh, gotcha! Alrighty, thanks for the response!
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Oh that's so nice ! ;w; I hope I'm not too late ! I'd like to grab one for a friend !  Free ToyHouse code !!
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Right on time, I've still got a few left!
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Ahhh !!! Thank you so muuuch !!! ;D;
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Free toyhouse codes!!I know a lot of people have been trying to get one! This wonderful person here is handing them out free!
thank you so much for doing this! I’ve been trying to get one of these dang codes for so long and I know plenty others are in the same boat haha ^^
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No worries, I've still got a few left! 
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