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Neo Tokyo

By RicoDZ
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I haven't drawn anything in the last 2 months until now, I think I got a little too lazy and never had the urge to draw anything. Lazy 
I know most of you have experienced this before (If you haven't you're totally a robot). Maybe even some of you are experiencing this right now in any aspect of life.
It can also be pretty hard to break out of. What a pain in the ass that can be, but you just have to suck it up and get to being productive again. You will be happy that you did. :happy: 
Being proud of something you've done or accomplished is one of the best feelings you can have. So go ahead and achieve what you want to achieve!  How high can you go? 

Inspired by - Lofi
Hope you guys like it :D
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wow It looks beautiful!

I have nothing to say!

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Wow, that's great.

First I thought it is CGI. But only with a very close look you see that it must be something else.

FrenchfriestheDragon's avatar

I'm speechless. Utterly speechless.

MoonDialBloom's avatar

I can really feel the energy of a bustling city at nighttime. Great job!

xxmaia's avatar

How can I even describe yout art works? This is more than beautiful!!

Sasha-Thunderfist's avatar

Why Neo-Tokyo? That implies that ether something happened to the original Tokyo, or another new city gets named Neo Tokyo? By the way I spotted Chibiusa on the building with game written under it :)

Elecksy's avatar

Love the colours and milieu here ♥️♥️

FddyWnks's avatar
Love the scenery
heatherarabi1's avatar

Nice urban detail.

BluePotatoChips101's avatar
i love Japan.I love cats.Can this get any better??
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I’m just wondering how did you make art this good? Like is this digital art or something?
RicoDZ's avatar
Haha :D Thanks! Yes, most of my work is digital Love 
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great atmospheric work :jarkinajar:

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Thank you! :D (Big Grin) 
IamHaruki's avatar

deym! you`re very good in semi-realistic style and backgrounds. Im jelly ;(

RicoDZ's avatar
Haha :D Thanks!
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Dude, this is beautiful. I love the soft, kind of blurry background with the little black kitty staring off in the distance.

Absolutely gorgeous.

RicoDZ's avatar
Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it Hug 
Fractalpilot's avatar

I need to save some money and Buy THIS!

Ty Rico!

RicoDZ's avatar
Haha :D Thanks, i'm glad you like this one Heart 
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Excellent atmospheris piece. Cool flying cars :D
RicoDZ's avatar
Thank you! Love  
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