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I can't seem to draw anything now, even when I want to. It's not enjoyable for me anymore so for now i'm going to take a nice long break. Glittering Gem Bullet (Purple) - F2U 
This artwork was the last of my ideas so now my brain is empty lol.
I hope to be back at it soon :)

Hope you guys like it! :D 
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Ton dessin est magnifique.;P

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Peaceful and extremely well colored!!!!

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I am wondering what if the girl is sitting, instead of standing after a low wall, looking at the sunset or sun rise of the distance? Furthermore, a limited partial face of the girl is painted with the light effect reflecting on that partial face?

In other words, the audience watches a girl's side face (only very limited part), and the girl is looking at the distance sunset. The light is delivered from the other side, along the line of the bridge.

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This is a really beautiful image, great job!

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Wow i love this image good job

MoRolyBB's avatar! This is so nice! Very pleasing to the eyes, the colors, and poses are amazing!

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Beautiful colors

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This is amazing.

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When a piece of art make's you feel something

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You have some of the best art I've ever seen. Very incredible perspective, depth, and atmosphere on this one.

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I love the way you use color that gives both beauty and meaning. Really stunning piece!
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I enjoy all your art work creations - they are fabulous. Take it easy and hope all goes well for you. Thanks for the Llama, very much appreciated.

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I just found you feed, your work is amazing - Thanks for sharing it :)

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Longing...I've lived my Life-doing so, and will die-as such.

And I Thank You-kindly for the Llama Badge.

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This is incredible.

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holy moly eggs and guacamole that is AMAZING!!!

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beautiful! thank you for the lama badge! lol I am new to deviantart, not sure how to do the same. i love your gallery!

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Wow. A very powerful image.
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