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alchemic tattoo

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credit goes to 'blizzardcomics' for coming up with the design. i chanced upon his design when i was doing some tattoo research, liked it alot so i decided to go ahead with it. The design is somewhat almost the same except with a few minor changes with the icons which i did to personify it(hope u dont mind).

heres the link to the actual picture


the tattoo is done in uv ink and will only glow under blacklight.
Image details
Image size
1600x1200px 1.18 MB
Shutter Speed
5/10 second
Focal Length
6 mm
Date Taken
Sep 1, 2007, 3:36:36 PM
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I love that it glows brighter in the middle. Very cool.
leokniaz's avatar
what is uv ink?
AngelLeo's avatar
Tattoo ink that oly shows up under a black light... otherwise you can't see it.
Though i do hear that colored UV ink is visable without a black light, but it takes a black light to make it glow.
leokniaz's avatar
wow, I need it, really! thank you for information
now, i was wondering. does uv ink have any health risks that standard ink doesnt?
AngelLeo's avatar
UV ink is safe. "Glow-in-the-dark" Ink isn't.
Some brands of UV ink are now FDA approved. you just have to do some research.
.. How much does something like this cost?
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i've concidered a UV tattoo as well and i notice that you can see smudge marks of where he wiped away the excess ink. do you know if it'll stay there or did you not wash it off when you took the picture?
hahah tt? i did not wash it off as the photo was taken immediately after the tattoo was done. it is really nth seriously ha
yup, its permanent. it is very similar to a normal tattoo except tt the tattoo is done with uv ink. Got it done at primitive art at queensway shopping centre :)
foto-grafik's avatar
cool, is it permenant?
seademons's avatar
where did u get that done?
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It looks very cool. I cant help but be flattered. I always considered tattoo design as a possible career, since it supposedly pays so well. But I like making comic books better. lol
Anywho, No, I dont even notice that many changes, and I dont mind. Whatever works for you.
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