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G's chibi Bat Villains

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lines: :iconthe-g:
colors: Me
original group shot: the-g.deviantart.com/art/You-r…

this is the final, completed group shot of G's chibis that i colored. 41 of Gotham's rouges.

i personally think this turned out awesome, i think the marriage between G's lines and my colors really worked well, and im happy bout that. i think this would be a amazing poster.

here are the break down sets:
set 1: Tweedledee, Cluemaster, Black Spider, David Cain :fav.me/d2qzcqt
set 2: Jeremiah Arkham, Great White Shark, Matches Malone, King Snake :fav.me/d2qzdpj
set 3: Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, Maxi Zeus :fav.me/d2r5vly
set 4: Catman, FireFly, Lafy Shiva, Killer Moth :fav.me/d2r6e1a
set 5: Deathstroke, Dr. Phosphorous, Bat Mite, and Deadshot :fav.me/d2udqko
set 6 : TwoFace, the Joker, Hush, the Penguin :fav.me/d2uqaxy
set 7: Bane, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow :fav.me/d2vkvmz
set 8: Talia, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Clayfac, Harley Quinn :fav.me/d2x48qj
set 9: Manbat, Ra's al Ghul, Black Mask, Batzarro :fav.me/d2x6sgo
set 10: Joe Chill, Killer Croc, Mr. Zsasz, Poison Ivy :fav.me/d2x7hjb
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Bat-Mite isn't really a villain.
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Any chance of you doing a color version of the heroes??
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oh, I just noticed. it should be black mask, not skull.
rickytherockstar's avatar
oh yes, you are correct, in the 4 years this has been up, you are the first person to notice lol
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G felt Catwoman was more so on the heroes side now a days
jolynn1012's avatar
Finally some one feels the same way

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She's officially considered an antiherione.
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talk about a rouges gallery.
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Lol joker is so cute. Zsasz looks like baby zsasz :3 just so adorable haha
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Lmao Ivy. Haha, I loved it!
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Oh my gosh Yes!!! This is amazing! Two Face us my favorite villain
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thank you! im glad you dig this :)
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I'm confused as to the order of the villains 0.0 it doesn't fit death stroke is there and killer moth is over there and joker is there while two face is way over there
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are you talking about the relation to the group shot from the break downs?
because there is no relations, the break downs are done in the order i was sent the lines and finished the coloring, while the group shot has the characters in the order that G's line art has them
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why what? lol

i just told you why it was done this way

is it cause you dont know a certain character? do you need me to write their names in order for you?
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Why not put them in the same order as the smaller groups, it would make things so much easier
rickytherockstar's avatar
yeah you right it prolly would be easier, but i figure everyone already knows these characters, so its not a big deal. and in 2 years your the first person to comment on the order lol

they are in this order to mimic G's line art, and the smaller groups are in that way because that's how i was sent them and finished them.
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