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E3 2009 was all around okay. But THIS...
I can hardly believe it.

When Final Fantasy XI came out, I was all on board. In fact, I felt like I couldn't live without it. And I did buy it. And I loved it.

Then I played World of Warcraft.

And though I preferred Final Fantasy XI's graphic structure and textures (resolution could have been much better) and the emphasis on helping other players rather than fighting them, World of Warcraft just has a way of completely dragging you in with its history. Final Fantasy XI's history was kind of, uh, dull.

And I'd really like to see the actual numbers of how much money Square makes from FF XI and how many people play it compared to other MMORPGs, because really, over the years, I didn't think anybody played anymore.

So this supposed "sequel" to Final Fantasy XI is set for a release in 2010, before or after Final Fantasy XIII (which I am really looking forward to) we don't know. It's for the PS3 and PC and will release in both Japan and the US simultaneously (in addition to the UK and Germany). PC version will obviously be cheaper than the PS3 version, as it was with FF XI.

Here's another problem I have.

If they were going to show us the trailer, how about showing us some actual in-game footage instead of this CGI stuff that 1 - makes no sense and 2 - is obviously smoke and mirrors to make us want to buy the game when in reality we have no idea what the confounded thing will be like.

But apparently they've made it more solo adventure friendly, which is how I like to roll.

New Races, apparently, and a revamp of the Job Class system.

My hopes: More player friendly. A lot of people were turned away by FF XI's more complicated menus and attack systems. It seemed to be you had to have some knowledge of macros and such to easily play FF XI, whereas WoW kind of does all that for you.
I'd enjoy fancier gear and weapons. A lot of the ones in FF XI seemed rather dull and unimaginative until you got to the AF sets.
I'd REALLY like it if, you know, I could actually SEE the people who are giving out quests instead of talking to random people and wondering if this next one will be giving a quest.
A more action based battle system, similar to FF XII. Yes, FF XII's battle system was based on FF XI, but FF XI's still gives off that turned-based feel.
Better graphics, duh, and not just for the PS3. In fact, I want better graphics for the PC version than the PS3 version (because I don't have a PS3).

Basically, I kind of feel the same way I did when they made the 2nd Hulk movie and I'm wondering the same thing, too: "Didn't they suck at it enough the first time around?"

But I'm not going to count FF XIV out of the ring yet. I'll wait and see what unfolds.

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Eh XIV isnt for everyone. I like it :)