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XP Media Center 2008

This is for XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2.

- Download (duh :P )
- Rename XP_Media_Center_2008_by_ricktendo64.dll to ehres.dll
- Browse to "%WinDir%\ehome"
- Rename ehres.dll to ehres.bak
- Replace with new file
- nJoy a Media Center on XP just like Vistas ;)

Used original resources from Vista sp1 with MCE TV Pack

- Sounds
- Icons
- New Startup Animation

BTW, how I got the "Green Button", Play controls & other buttons and images to their proper locations & proportions was by editing COMMONSTYLES.XML (a HUGE! thanks to bober for figuring this out.)

If you dont have XP MCE 2005 and you use nLite here is a addon that will convert XP Pro into MCE [link]
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error occurs after replace ehres.dll


eshell.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services

Process id=0xb74 (2932). Thread id=0x998 (2456)
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Did you apply .reg?
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Wow love it thank you ever so much
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I have a much better/more updated one with more vista/7 goodness, will see if I have the time and will updload it later
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0_0 umm yeah WANT IT im putting your old one in a shot right now! Love it. UPLOADDD lol
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I was wondering if you could test it for me and take some screenshots, I can only do the Spanish ones would you be so kind as to take some screenshots for the English version?

Here is the updated files [link]

New fonts
New Startup Sound (Windows 7)
Taskbar Icon now patched
New Strings
More resources edited
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OK, ricktendo64 I have XP Pro, I followed the link you gave in the comment section and thus downloaded the 165MB File that can help me get a Media Centre In XP Pro. But How to install? Can you help? Do you have any idea?

There was a zip file inside the zip file I downloaded named as MEDIACTR.CAB I unzippeed those contents and found a Media Centre file with a icon of Media Centre on it. I opened it and it said that Media centre Only Works on Windows Media centre Edition. Please help?
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You have to copy your XPCD to your harddrive and slipstream it into there

You have to/could integrate other stuff also like all the xp updates along with IE7 and WMP11, also you have to integrate .net framework for the media center to work
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I still cannot understand really have to tell me in a leemans language. I have IE8 & WMP 11. My System is fully updated. You just need to explain me the part in which you said: "You have to copy your XPCD to your harddrive and slipstream it into there"

Oh! yes, I have all the .net frameworks...1.0,1.1,2.0,3.0,3.1....
All done. I cant also wait for the ehshell.exe implementation. cheers!
Thx alot for new ehres.dll. Done and Wish U luck Bro
Sorry it's not completed/finished yet to release, but you can see little part of the screenshot its behind ''WMP Brillliant skin'' on Wincert (lol i just copied the ehres.dll without finishing it, but i have also hacked ehshell.exe and some MC files to give Vista icon on taskbar and title ''Windows Media Center'' like Vista instead of ''Media Center'' also tooltip and comment - i have also change ''My Documents'' to only ''Documents'' and so on. Please see there). It will be part of my WMC lite installer if finished. But i still prefer your skin Rick especially your cool Vista back button layout in your skin and overlayed background (really looks like the original). Congrats Rick since this is the best Xp MCE skin that i've ever seen! Seriously
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OMG ehshel.exe I want it :)

Thats a hard one to do

BTW add me to messenger I have a updated english ehres with a new Now Playing bg (thanks to fediafedia) and a few new glass images
Awesome work again Rick! Keep it up! Btw i have also made my own MCE skin, but yours seems awesome! Thx alot for sharing

- Amirz (Wincert/WinMatrix)
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Where? I would love to see your mce skin
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Rick its a pleasure, anything to help a friend.. :)
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Hey rick nice :) get in touch bro i need to know?
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Thank you orbit I would really love it :worship:

Time is not the essene :)

Take your time my friend and Thank You
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Hey! Looks like you've finally decided to make something other than an devID :D
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LOL I suck at drawing and everything here they do on dA :P
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This is really great.
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This is awesome work rick! Ill try this on XP, though ive upgraded to Vista now.
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