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First Rahiolisaurus on DA!

Rahiolisaurus is a new genus of Indian abelisaurids - and it has nothing to do with Ravioli!
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You love making up new dinosaurs, don't you? xD
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Yes, although this one is actually real XD

I had also made up a gigantic Oviraptorid which is bigger and faster than T-Rex and has long strong arms and a bone-crushing beak.

Interestingly, I was inspired by the Oviraptors from Dinosaur Planet and thought that if tyrannosaurs died out they could become the new apex predators. I didn´t know about Gigantoraptor erlianensis at that time...
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This is a real abelisaur? let me see if it truly is the first Rahiolisaurus on dA... =P
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It is, and if you still don´t believe me:
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Well that sucks, it doesn't have its own Wikipedia article yet! =O