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Clash of the Titans by RickRaptor105 Clash of the Titans by RickRaptor105
Well, a few months ago I went to the cinema and watched "Clash of the Titans" and it was... acceptable.
Does Jason Flemyng only play ugly roles? First Mr. Hide in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and now Calibos in this? What a luck Danny Quinn from Primeval Series 3 isn´t some human mutant monster. Anyway...

The plot of "Clash of the Titans" inspired me to make a similar story as part of my Dinosauroid mythology:

Instead of the hideous Kraken there is Botar, a demonic Tyrannosaur from the "world behind the waves" (Tyrannosaurids are extinct in North America, but they are still alive in Asia). One of Bosbors many evil plans to rule the world consisted of unleashing Botar on North America. However, since Botar lived on another continent, Bosbor gave him the ability to elongate his legs so he could simply wade through the ocean. Only one could save the world from this threat, a young male gatherer named Kuhku. He was a demigod, his father was the Raptorosaurus god Gruguruh. To defeat Botar he at first had to find and tame a gigantic legendary Azhdarchid called Saakh. Meanwhile Botar attacked a city and tried to kill the princess Ekne. Just in time Kuhku arrived with the tamed Saakh to fight him. Botar made his legs growing insanely tall to make his vulnerable eyes out of Kuhku´s reach, but the brave gatherer flew up to Botar´s head and Saakh impaled his eye sockets, killing him. This made Bosbor very furious, so he took over Saakh and made him his new minion. The evil Saakh devours princess Ekne and Kuhku is forced to fight against his own mount. After some epic flight scenes Saakh swoops down from a height of thousands of kilometers. During this dive Kuhku manages to climb up (or down, considering Saakh is nose-diving) Saakh´s neck and stabs him in the eye with his claws. The dying Azhdarchid falls into the waves, but Kuhku can survive. Now Bosbor himself appears in front of him, but before he can make things even worse, Gruguruh saves Kuhku and manages to banish the evil ceratopsian god.
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Can you Start the movie? PLEASE?
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