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Down It Fresher

i felt like this sketch needed some script on it because it looked lost without it...
couldn't think what to write so i ended up putting a good old uni phrase on there: DOWN IT FRESHER!
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This sketch is brilliant!
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this is awesome! 
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Freaking love this. Down it fresher!
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Sorry guys, I haven't been on here in a while.
In response to ~TomasDiaz and *WildWonder083: Of COURSE you can, just make sure you credit/link me on the end results, I'd to see how your work turns out, thanks again.
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I was wondering if I could use the bottle in a tattoo that I am planning to get on either my ribs or my calf... It is a perfect fit for what I am looking to get done. Love love love it!
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Of course you can, just remember to credit ;D
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wow... really nice design!
I would like to ask u if i can use ur design in a 3D character in what im workning on... is not for comercial use... just for fun... so if not, it doesn´t matter ;)
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Sure man, why not! Just remember to credit if need be, safe.
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this looks pretty cool,,,,,nice job,,,,the only thing that confused me is the script.....not for the thing you would think,,,,but when i first read it i thought it said "down u fresher",,,,only because the -cross the t-is right even with the top of the banner......maybe if it was a little below the top of the banner ,,,,or if you just made it a little more wavier and darker,,,,,,but hey its just an opinion.....nice work thow
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yeah, i know exactly what you mean i look at it, it does seem to get lost :/
i've made note, thanks alot for the crit bro, there's only one way to improve :)
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That's really amazing!
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