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On Amazon now!!
Go see it.

If you watch my twitter you probably know how I'm gushing about this movie. Quite frankly it's several heaping helpings of everything I want in a movie.

And yeah I know I'm an unapologetic furry, but it's still a good story with a ton of other visual eyecandy, dammit. I can barely remember the last time I felt so overjoyed about a movie (despite it also being so heartwrenching, which I often consider a positive).

More on the subject by me

Kinda-spoilery review w/very spoilery end:…

Very spoilery defense of theme review:…
Thank you to everyone who sent me the birthday wishes! I haven't had the time/sanity to reply to ALL of them so take this as a general think you to everyone~

(Boo, what a copout)

Quiet, you

If you didn't know, I have lowered my print-of-the-month price this month to $25/US and $35/international. If you wanted to get in on the monthly fun, now is a good time!

This month's print will PROBABLY be the Marrow X Charli picture I just posted
Oh, I'm going to be at BLFC. Table 64. Will have new things for sale!

Anyway! I'll be doing badge preorders now. They will be The Giver themed--black and white except for one object of spot color. As usual, they'll be drawn on 3x5 index cards and come with a badge holder and clip.

Badges will be $45 at the con, but pick-up preorders will be just $35. You can either prepay or pay on pickup.

The streaming is happening now!…

Ready on Createspace!

It will be on Amazon in 3-5 days


A copy of Housepets Book 5 will be November’s Print-of-the-month on my Patreon!! … including each copy being signed with an added bonus doodle of one of the Housepets characters!


If you want to take advantage of this make sure you’re signed up with the $35 tier (US) or $50 tier (international) by the end of November! You can change your pledge at any time after that.

Gre7g Luterman wrote a spin-off novel which he is serializing here

DON'T remember my short story? I have them over here……

If you like any of these, I’d appreciate if you took a look! I’m gonna make sure my photo printer gets a workout now…

If you were waiting for it . . . since I'm now funded primarily through Patreon, I'm probably going to upload to Smashwords primarily from now on, rather than operate through Amazon KDP.
You can now read Housepets on your iPhone!

Comic Chameleon is a app that allows you to read webcomics in a simple panel-by-panel format right on your phone!

Comic Chameleon is currently only available for iOS--please understand that it's easier to develop for mostly because there's only a SMALL set of specifications, wheras android takes longer because there's so many additional specification. Android support is currently under development.

SO . . . if you are interested in this and have an iPhone, and subsequently read Housepets on your iPhone, if you have any formatting issues such as text being cut off on the edge of the screen, please email me (or post here) along with the title of the strip where there is an issue. Thank you!


(Time slept not counting naps: ~5 hours)

I THOUGHT Monday was going to be a slower day because the Dealer’s Den wasn’t open. I was wrong.

That morning, after breakfast (MORE smoked salmon this time) I finished four badge commissions, slightly out of order from my list but it was easier to do them all at once than change mediums. After that, I wrote more notes I never got around to doing, for the Building Worlds panel I had with Kandrel, mainly so that I had my mind prepped for going in.

Building Worlds panel went well; we ere derailed a couple times when it got to the gray area of building worlds for your plot/building plots for your world but I think it was pretty good. In the meantime, in the middle of the panel, I received a note asking for, serendipitously, the four badges I’d just finished that morning, so I just handed them over to the runner.

It was lunch about that time but I was basically functioning from breakfast, so I just went back to my room and worked on the last two sketchbooks I was commissioned. I realized that what I’d told people on sunday—that the books would be ready by “pick up” was ambiguous. The art pickup listed in the book was for pickup for the art show/auction and not something separate for people receiving commissions from the dealer’s den that was running late. (Kinda obvious after I thought about it) so I needed to find some way to deliver these things to their respective owners by the time the afternoon pick up time rolled around.

Well, I’d finished sketching for both of them (one was a sketched sketchbook, then other was inked, so only the first was finished) it was time for the closing ceremonies, held a bit early because they had to give the stage back to the hotel after that. I puttered around there for a while until I was filed onto the stage, and thankfully I wasn’t required to say anything. The highlight was when the representative for that year’s charity (A big cat rescue charity) basically started crying because the con had raised £11,000 for them—which meant that they could start doing things they’d planned for next year next month instead. (The total charity figure ballooned to £13,000 by the time the con was actually over).

There was also the silly leg-waxing of the security personnel that was bid for in the auction but that was disappointing!

Anyway, after that, I just HAPPENED to run into the person who’d commissioned the sketchbook I’d finished around noon—just, in the hall. She was easy to spot because her character was a capybara obsessed with Doctor Who—she wore a Tom Baker scarf—and so I handed it off to her. She seemed rather upset by something (not the picture, just something) so I do really hope it wasn’t anything I caused …

Mixed Media panel was in an hour, and I still had to ink the one picture so I sat outside the panel room as people slowly started to congregate around it and chatted (people do seem to be able to find me better when my schedule is listed in the conbook).

The Mixed Media panel had me, Lex, Kandrel, Twll and Nidoconu and it was kinda nerve-wracking in the beginning—I tend to obsess over what I’m going to say but having to wait for it is hard.

Fortunately, the last sketchbook I had was commissioned by a guy who was sitting in the front row of the panel. Just … more serendipity, it was crazy. I handed it off to him, and after that panel I was DONE.

… or, well, erm …

Okay, I hadn’t eaten lunch so it was my intention to find somewhere to order dinner, then MAYBE attend a party later, when I suddenly got a text from Washu (or Silver) saying that I was supposed to judge the fursuit dance competition.

Which was starting about fourteen minutes ago.

I’m not the sort of guy that’d refuse these things on purpose—they didn’t EXPECT me to be knowledgeable of dancing at all, and neither was Lex.

Funnily enough, the conbook jokingly says that the panel of judges would be “hastily arranged”. I don’t think they meant that seriously but that’s what ended up happening. Actually, it was probably better they didn’t inform me ahead of time or I would have tried to do some research and failed.

The judge who WAS a dancer and won a lot (he was in suit on the panel, I can’t recall his name aaargh—black and red wolf with glowy clawtips) seemed like he had a hard time finding words for even stuff he was familiar with but it was kinda cute so we all gave him a pass on it. I eventually got the hand of what we were supposed to be doing by the third set, and by the sixth I’d sorta figured out how to “watch” the dancers and try not to form opinions in words until it was done (write down notes that popped into my head, that sort of thing) … so it was kind of a valuable learning experience?

So yeah, it was fun if completely unexpected, and I was STARVING by that point. Silver had graciously gotten me a sandwich before the event started so I wasn’t distracted, but I needed FOOD—I’d completely forgotten room service had existed, and thankfully it was (just barely) before 11 that night so I ordered penne with arrabiata sauce, garlic bread and coke … which ended up knocking me out cold with all those carbs.


(Time slept not counting naps: ~12 hours)

I didn’t have anything to do but I ended up waking up on Tuesday about 8, ate breakfast in the executive lounge, took a shower, and then went immediately back to sleep until about 1. I eventually shuffled downstairs to meet with Washu and a bunch of the other staff and their friends I hadn’t had the chance to meet during the con. Everyone was in cleanup mode, so eventually, Silver went with me over to the lounge and I sat down on the couch, which is where I ended up staying all day.

I am quite literal here: besides a few minutes where I got up to go to the bathroom or get something from my room I did not move from that couch. There was a dead dog party happening, I think, in the Miller’s Bar, but there ended up being an offshoot of it hovering around me as a lot of people came in and out, talking about whatever and drinking beer and/or cocktails.

Chicken/stuffing/cranberry sandwich for lunch, fish and chips for dinner, drank lots of coke. I wish I could remember the other people who’d joined besides Silver, Vasmeth and Washu, I do recall writing their names down at one point but the only one I recall off the top of my head was HyperRiffic who was a really giggly sort of guy (apparently he has passed out from laughing too hard before)

And that was basically it. I was too tired to do much else.


(Time slept: ~10 hours)

Wednesday was the buffer day that we’d originally planned where Washu and Tungro would take me someplace so I could actually say I’d seen England while I was there, but it ended up being that we just went into town for sushi.

Part of this was because the attendees were still filtering out so slowly; the “last day” (tuesday) there were still like half the attendees present, and Wednesday morning there were still at LEAST 200. Once again we sat around in the lounge talking with all sorts of people who just happened to congregate around as they were waiting for the opportunity to head home.

Our sushi party ended up being 10 people, and instead of lunch it ended up being dinner. I hadn’t eaten breakfast—slept through the cutoff time—and was expecting lunch so I was VERY hungry by the time we navigated the trains and walked through downtown Birmingham to the all-you-can-eat sushi place.

I ate like twenty plates. That was some good sushi.

(Aside—I’m pretty sure the eel is a lot different in the UK than in the US. US eel tends to be a lot more oily. On the other hand, it was the first time I’d eaten squid and it wasn’t rubbery.)

There is a lot of hugging that goes on when furries leave each other so it is rather kinda sad. Once we got back it was just me and Washu and Tungro, and I left for my room right after (yes, there were hugs) where I started being depressed because it was the last day and I was going to have to do traveling again in the morning.

Washu said I could use the rest of my allowance if I wanted, and as I’d used barely half, I did order room service, but since I was still STUFFED from the sushi, it ended up being tomato/red pepper soup and ginger ale.


(Time slept ~5 hours)

There wasn’t anyone left to point me anywhere so I checked out at about 6 that morning and made my way toward the airport, which is quite a walk when you’re dragging a roller suitcase that’s nearly 50 lbs and a laptop bag filled with everything else.

I changed my cash for traveler’s checks at the airport when I was there. Exchange rate was rather brutal—if better than anything I could get outside of Amerex (they gave 1 to 1.5, most places in the US is 1 to 1.3 when the real rate is about 1.7)—so I was still rather depressed as I eventually found the place to check in so I could get rid of the luggage.

Birmingham airport was … odd. After you pass the security checkpoint, you MUST walk through the duty free shop as it’s smack in the middle of the hall. I’d paused briefly at the entrance and looked back to see if I’d missed the turn, but no, the airport turns into a glitzy wonderland of mostly jewelry for a few moments. After that, once again you walk in to an area like a mall before you actually start moving toward the gates.

I drank of bottle of the UK Fanta for, well, for breakfast basically. European Fanta is a lot better than the US stuff which is just like sunkist soda—THIS Fanta uses actual orange juice, so it’s like orangeade. I like orange soda, but I think I’d probably drink Fanta a lot more if that stuff was available in the US.

Got on the flight, watched almost four movies I never got around to seeing (Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs 2, Thor 2, Parkland, and most of Wolf of Wall Street). I think it helped stave off the depression but I was still wrestling with a lot during the 7 hours back …

Landed early in Newark. Eventually got through customs, felt like I was doing everything wrong (because I was, security officers kept directing me to do things like I was a child apparently), then took the plane to DC, then, after ~an hour delay due to rain, took the plane home.

So that was it. It was really, really fun, really exhausting, and I’m still sad that it’s over.

I apologize in advance for not having links to anyone's accounts--most people I don't even know if they have FA accounts or what they are.

Confuzzled 2014

Thursday AND Friday

So okay, I arrived to Confuzzled 24 hours later than I’d intended.

I was originally slated to arrive Thursday afternoon, but there was a problem with the weather over here that ended up cancelling original flight out to DC. So, instead of leaving at 6 PM, I left at 6 AM the following morning. That gave a me a LITTLE more time—and was SLIGHTLY fortuitous because in my rush (I did EVERYTHING room-related at the last minute) I’d forgotten to pack my laptop. While it was not strictly necessary, having the laptop did make things easier …

Also instead of going to DC, I was going to Houston. Which is in the opposite direction. And it had a four hour layover.

Now this wouldn’t be a significant problem save for the fact that the storms over the week ended up meaning that the NEXT connecting flight, to Newark, was delayed coming in and I’d just BARELY missed the connecting flight to Birmingham UK. Even though it was sitting on the runway for another hour and a half because the storm was preventing takeoff, AND YET the flight itself was not delayed.

So after fretting about getting there AT ALL that night for about an hour as I stood in line (Seriously, United only ever seems to staff customer service desks minimally even during problem times) I was placed on a flight to Edinburgh in about an hour that would THEN connect to Birmingham with another 3+ hour layover.

It was slightly better than the other plan of making a flight to London and having someone pick me up, as that would have been more effort and probably not saved any time especially since I needed to get through customs and all that.

ESPECIALLY since once I arrived in Edinburgh (Explaining Confuzzled to the customs agent was fun, I got to sit while she made some calls) I learned that my luggage did not arrive with me.

Now this was confusing ESPECIALLY since I presumed that for incoming international flights I was to claim luggage and then re-check it once I arrived in the country. This did not happen, and so I had to call Washu, the GOH liaison for the con. I had already been calling him and texting him basically nonstop through the whole getting-there ordeal but the luggage thing was a huge HUGE HUGE problem and United still steadfastly refused to give any sort of compensation for the major delays.

So, Edinburgh. (EH-din-bur-ro, in Scotland, so you don’t have to look it up). Despite not having originally planned to arrive there (original Itinerary was Huntsville>DC>Dublin>Birmingham) that ended up being my first impression of the UK. And … it was actually pretty nice. I had window seats all the way over so seeing UK land from the air it’s instantly recognizable as not being America—farm plots make NO attempt at being square. They’re only sometimes square outside of the midwest in the US, but you’d instantly notice farm plots are tangent by way of straight lines … in the UK, that is the case only by accident. Also, and I was aware of this but it’s still new to see it up close, that houses are built really close together in the UK—again new after living in the US and being among ranch-style homes with acre lots even in crowded suburbs.

UK airports seem to be arranged a bit more like shopping malls than do US airports. A lot of shops congregate upfront just after the security check, and at Edinburgh they seemed to crowd around the gates in the front section of the building. (In the US, shops are more staggered throughout, clustering at near-random points into food courts) I’d see about the same thing when I left again through Birmingham—more on that later.

I changed out most of my on-hand cash and drank a bottle of orange juice that cost £2.50. I was exhausted, and the connecting flight I made with Flybe attempted to locate my luggage without success. The flight over was actually pretty good too, my first time in a prop engine plane. I think I prefer small prop engines to small jets—it just sounds better despite it being louder inside the cabin.

So I arrived in Birmingham almost exactly 24 hours later than intended. After futilely waiting for my luggage again, I met up with Silver (he was holding the conbook so I could recognize him) and we walked over to the trains to meet with Washu who’d just arrived at the airport.

Washu went out of his way for basically EVERYTHING. I was exhausted and tired and disappointed and looked it, and he told me to go on ahead to the hotel. I handed him my baggage tags, he went to go make lots of an followed Silver to the hotel (It was raining! British weather!). He helped me check into my room, which was SUPER fancy with a dining table and everything, and I dragged myself into my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up, my luggage was in my room.

I texted Washu to get up there IMMEDIATELY as I started gleefully unloading everything as though the last 36 hours were just a minor annoyance. He’d found out that, through a series of phone calls to departments that were completely unaware of what had gone on, the bags had actually arrived in Birmingham before I did—they were on the original plane out even though I never rechecked them on the way out. And nobody had told anyone who was IN Birmingham, and no attempt was made to contact me, but once Washu found them he had the hotel deliver them up straight away.

All my stuff was in perfect condition. Washu was basically my savior.

So ANYWAY, after that I bothered some more people about the hotel WiFi (we eventually got the password), I took a much-needed bath AND shower, ate some desserts that the hotel provided to me by way of their apology for my ridiculously terrible flight, I poked around in the internet to try and restore my anchor with back home, then I went to sleep because I’d been running on only 8 hours over the past 48 or so.


(Time slept besides naps: ~7 hours)

Okay so there was something else I did the night before: I had a lot of preorders I’d made for badges before the con began. The original plan was I was going to get there and them do these badges so they’d be available right when the con began. I didn’t have any of them ready, and the fact that I arrived 24 hours late was kind of a problem. Noetheless, I did a dry run on a badge for myself so I’d know if I was making a terrible mistake or not. That was the only thing I’d had ready when the Dealer’s Den was open.

Oh also I didn’t actually get to prepare for the Dealer’s Den opening the night before, as I was too tired to do it then.

So I woke up at about 7:30 and ate breakfast in the Executive Lounge, which was really nice because it meant I only had to walk about fifty meters from my room door to get breakfast and could walk right back. I took my time in there because there were only a few people each day who ate breakfast in the same lounge I did who also wore the Confuzzled name badges and that always makes me feel conspicuous.

On the other hand, English Full Breakfast is basically always filling and has a lot of variety. No beans on the table though, but there was smoked salmon. I eat that and I’m like “Why am I not having this every day”

Also I learned that the British definition of a cappuccino is closer to the actual Italian one—all milk with only a shot of coffee. I drank my coffee black after that.

So there was a lot of other preparation after breakfast, trying to get the preorders done, and also sitting and staring at the notes I’d written for my panel on Cartooning and wondering how in the world I was going to do that. Then it was almost 10, and I texted Washu about the dealer’s den stuff, so I was down there about 20 minutes to opening trying to set everything up so my table didn’t look like a mess like it always does. (My table looks like a mess).

In the meantime, I’d also managed somehow to bring three pieces of art for the art show—the original for Hunter’s Lodge, plus the two originals that went to making this year’s Confuzzled t-shirt. (All three of them would end up at auction—more on that later)

Den opens, I’m immediately swamped. I’d brought down about 10 copies of each book since I couldn’t fit EVERYTHING in my duffel bag and was sold out by noon. I also realized I’d forgotten to bring the forms for commissions down, so I just wrote down everyone’s details on the back of the Dealer’s Den TOS papers.

I also got to meet the other GOH the, Lex, a puppet-maker. We didn’t have a lot of time to chat UNTIL it was almost 1 o’clock and we went to do the GOH panel.

Save for passion for our respective fields of art I think Lex is basically the opposite of me—Washu would later describe how different managing each of us was as I’m rather quiet and reserved and Lex is get-out-there-do-everything. I work independently, Lex has a long career working with TV, especially with Jim Henson’s Television Workshop productions. Her stuff is REALLY good.

After that, I ran up to my room, grabbed more books and ran back down, nearly sold out of those. I told a lot of people I might be opening for commissions again on Sunday but the way things were going I was mostly “just saying” that; I wasn’t this busy with multiple things at MFF and presumed I could at least make a dent into a backlog of 14 items.

Washu made me go get something to eat, so I had the British approximation of curry for late lunch, grabbed more books and dragged them downstairs, then fretted over my cartooning panel notes until I basically had to go do that thing. By then I had brought down all my books and hand nearly sold out of everything.

Then the Cartooning panel. That was soooo intimidating.

Originally I had planned to have a powerpoint so I didn’t have to go through the trouble of doodling crappy stick figures on a whiteboard, but the powerpoint never coalesced. Instead I ended up doing a lot of reading of notes from my screen, drawing some demonstrations of the whiteboard, moving clumsily from one topic to the next without having practiced, and in general being a total nervous wreck. I was really glad the dealer’s den was closed after I was done because I felt really super terrible about it afterwards and just needed to lay down.

Washu delivered my cash box back to my room after that and even though I felt really cruddy about the whole thing, Washu said, to my utter surprise, that everyone LIKED the panel even if it didn’t seem so at the time.

I had a little bit of time after that—everyone and especially Washu INSISTED I go see the Pawpets show that evening (It had been delayed an hour) I thought okay, I’d never seen one of these things before, I have a reserved seat up front, and I really want to try to make more events after feeling like I was a bit disappointing at MFF in 2011, so I went thinking it was going to be about an hour and a half.

It was closer to two and a half hours.

And it was AMAZING.

Besides a bunch of technical glitches that couldn’t be helped, I utterly, thoroughly enjoyed the production (despite not even having touched a drop of alcohol, to boot!) One of the writers (Nidonocu, VERY awesome guy) is a huge fan of mine and they managed to get in TWO REFERENCES TO ME in the show—once in the opening animation, once during an interstitial where a character was resisting brainwashing and was babbling nonsense. Even without the embarrassing references to me, the writing was top-notch, the interstitial gave it a good pace so they could do setup between scenes, and it was hilarious.

I will be posting that everywhere once they have it online. (I presume they’ll be doing some redubbing since the mics cut out for a moment at one point)

AFTER THAT … I absolutely had to get the rest of my preorders done, which I did that night and the following morning JUST SO I’d be where I was supposed to be when I arrived.


(Time slept not counting naps: ~6 hours)

Breakfast in the Executive Lounge again. Learned a bit about current UK politics from TV, namely that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) gained far more seats than is comfortable in the EU Parliamentary elections. They’re a single issue party—anti-EU. My take on it is, even if there are problems with the EU (and there are always problems with political bodies), why is being obstinate and burning bridges a preferable choice to better communication? But that doesn’t have anything to do with the convention.

I had a lot more time in the Dealer’s Den. I DID finish all the preorder badges and eventually got those handed out and was starting on the commissions I took on Saturday. I also sold out of the rest of my Housepets books very quickly, which was good because I didn’t have display space for the Housepets posters I’d brought, so those could get sold!

On the other hand, I had another panel right after lunch (I did not eat lunch—though I think I grabbed a muffin from the executive lounge) called Finding Ideas which I was COMPLETELY unprepared for. I’d originally conceived of the idea for the panel during a time when I had this AMAZING insight that I’d completely forgotten about by the time the con rolled around, so I basically pieces something together from my own experience and a lecture given by John Cleese. After that it turned into a Q&A which went pretty well as there was talking and not a lot of dead air.

I had a LITTLE bit of time after that until the Flash Fiction contest, which I was slated to judge. I was the ONLY judge in fact, so I ended up asking Kandrel to help because sometimes my brain skips out on what I’m listening to and I have to yank it back to pay attention. He was very helpful here (And in the Building Worlds panel the next morning) because he can actually talk with confidence without being prompted like I have to sometimes. I think it was more engaging with the both of us. In any case, I have to draw a picture for the winner, who said that he wrote the thing while he was drunk in a pub. I’m a sucker for verse, and robots. (I wish I had the thing so I could post it for you, I really loved its flow)

The Dealer’s Den closed for good pretty much after that, though I suddenly had the revelation I had not gone around to meet anyone and that made me sad. I hope I can go again sometime because I was just so busy.

I ate at the food court on Sunday which was cheap and kinda disappointing—hamburger and chips (fries for Americans, remember). I usually do eat alone, I just felt kinda conspicuous about it there because the tables were so large.

Later that evening, I decided to sit in on the live auction because all three of my pieces had made it in—two automatically since I set their charity percent to 100, and the other because it’d received the maximum number of bids at the silent auction. I sat in the back corner on the far side because I just had everything out so I could do sketches for owed badges.

Sometimes I really wonder what someone accidentally walking in on that sort of thing would think.

I did more work that night on badges, thank goodness the internet was back up or I might have gone crazy … okay I should have gone to the Artist’s Alley but I needed some unwind time too.

AKA What We Talk About When We Talk About Furry

Prev -…

Something else I feel that I need to mention in order to contextualize my journal better is that, I did not intend for the list to contain every exhaustive permutation of subcategories for anything I mentioned. Point 4 by itself (common furry style) contains all sorts of variations on anatomy etc--the thing is, with each definition, what it means is that when someone says "furry" they don't MEAN to drill down to an exact picture in their head (This is not the Furry Code after all).

But, nonetheless they usually mean something when they use the word, especially when they use it to exclude other things. Let me give a few examples. (These are all paraphrases of things I've read on the internet at one point or another)

"I'm not a furry, I only draw anthro art."

"LOL that's not furry, it has scales :P"

"Ugh, CAT Bowser? Now the furries will want him" (To which the response was, "Uh, furries are already hot for Bowser")

"Does an anthro fighter jet count as furry?" (Yes, but narrowly/broadly depending on if it fell to definition 4a (treat as superficially an animal) or to definition 8)

"I don't understand why centaurs don't count as furry." (Nostalgia Critic said this in one of his commentaries--technically it falls under broad definition 7, but furry is more well-understood by definition 4 . . . so this confusion doesn't help matters at all)

"Why do you furries have to ruin everything!? He's NOT a furry because he's an actioncharacter, he's not sexualized at all, and YOU have to go and add sex to it" (Speaking of main character from Dust. JUST the character being categorized as furry, no porn of him was in context.)

"Drawing dirty pictures of Simba (or Rainbow Dash) can't count as furry because they don't have a weird human body"

And likewise there are some definitions which are more example than anything--like how there are plenty of artists in the fandom who like doing human-faced furries that we don't want to exclude but at the same time aren't exactly what we're talking about when we refer to the broad definition, especially since it confuses outsiders "Well, if that IS furry then why don't you do more of that?" etc.

Sometimes these definitions do have opposites, such as "furry OR feral", but problematically while this works as a differentiation for definition 4, it is simultaneously folded into definition 5

Which is why that ambiguity is usually stepped around MORE--"anthro"/"bipedal" or "feral"/"quad". Also note that these differentiating words are only categorized as such in relation to definition 4--if you use them on their own, "anthro" is a shortening of anthropomorphic and can technically go all the way to definition 8, while the others are common words in their own right.
I think sometimes it gets confusing when we're discussing "furry" because the word covers several different definitions and literally nobody wants to be left out of including their Doom cyberdemon fancharacter and who are you to judge, anyhow?

Being an english major with an interest in linguistics, I find this is simultaneously a boon--as the lack of solid definitions for any of these prevents people from being shoved out the door for failing to meet that definition . . . but at the same time, it causes an enormous amount of confusion when we're talking past each other saying two (or fourteen) entirely different things with the same word.

Furry as it is used commonly means:

1 - The furry fandom in general. What this necessarily encompasses is hard to pin down; to some people you have to actually accept yourself as part of the fandom, but it's also possible to be a big fat geek about it and clearly be in denial of whether or not you are a furry.

1a - People who have freaky sex at conventions in costume. Usually the definition by people who literally have no idea what furry is and want something to ridicule, usually considered the unfair categorization inside the fandom as it reduces the breadth of the fandom to a few outliers. (people who do have freaky costume sex at conventions do not do so because they are furry so much as they like freaky costume sex and also furry seems to dovetail with that. They might "own" this definition but it's not any more correct/exclusive than others)

1 corollary - People who believe in an animal/nonhuman spiritual side to themselves--otherkin, totemists, skinwalkers, actual werewolves, etc. EXCEPT that very often the people who fall under these categories do not belong to the fandom in any other aspect. This does not exclude them from being furry, but it's usually incorrect to assume that it's invariably associated with furry. This is not a common definition because most people who make this confusion, I think, merely don't know there IS a distinction. Very few people INSIST on this definition.

2 - An anthropomorphic character made in the fandom, speaking exclusively. For some definitions, since furry is a fandom, furry characters are only encompassed by the fandom, and characters outside the fandom are not furry.

3 - An anthropomorphic character, speaking broadly. The fox version of Robin Hood was never intended for the fandom but still appeals to the fandom, as does the mythological god Anubis, etc; although some might argue the point, a completely identical fancharacter WOULD be considered furry, so . . .

3a - An anthropomorphic character that is sexualized AND NOT funny animal characters.People outside the fandom that perceive it as full of undesirables will usually insist on this definition, although it usually reduces to "Stay away from my childhood you perverts!" Not usually taken as a real definition inside the fandom as a basis for exclusion, only to differentiate the house style from classic funny animals. (see 4 corollary)

4 - An anthropomorphic character that sticks to the mode of the fandom. That is, the "house style" as I've been calling it, where you have a animal face put on a human body first, then usually comes body covering, a tail, animal feet, claws instead of finger nails, etc. to varying degrees depending on the taste of the artist. Basically this sticks to one kind of animal, but there's also nothing stopping hybrids or fictional species from getting the anthro treatment.

4 corollary - This has literally nothing to do with what some people draw as a dividing line between "furry" as in fandom-appealing, and their personal "not furry" category, such as werewolves. Within the fandom, if the werewolf fits the house style (wolf head AND NOT classic movie style, although see 7), it's usually furry whether you want the association or not. Any specific division of definitions here are on a per-person basis and are not usually accepted by the fandom at large.

4 corollary 2 - The degree to which any given character is described or detailed in hard sci-fi explanations, "realism", NON-realism, "tooniness", any kind of created-world explanations or lack thereof, ties to mythology, folklore, literary precedent, etc. also has very little to do with defining "furry" itself.

4a - Said mode of the fandom including non-animal objects being treated like they were superficially animals. Again, this usually starts with altering the face in order to fit the "house style" rather than pasting a ladyface onto the front of an aircraft carrier. (see 8)

4b - Said mode of the fandom including additions of sci-fi biology/mythology such as centaur bodies, etc. This is just an extension of "hybrids"; I'm only mentioning it to make sure it's covered even though it starts to get distant from "human".

4c - Invented fictional species that are not intended to be "human" or any particular animal or mythological creature, but nonetheless bear traits similar to that of the fandom mode, especially if they were invented inside the fandom (sergals, etc)

5 - The mode of the fandom plus "feral" characters. Anthropomorphism can literally be reduced to something having ANY human traits applied to it, so you only need to meet that minimum requirement. Or not. Some furries are very interested in non-human things, so they don't want their real-animal characters excluded. (Because "furry" brings to mind animals, not anthropomorphism). May include characters like, say, Godzilla, who are ambiguously anthropomorphic.

6 - The mode of the fandom only if they have fur. I find this one needlessly pedantic, even though I'm perfectly fine with the term scaley (settle on a spelling please) or avian. 

7 - Any character with any degree of animal traits whatsoever, including aliens with animal traits, regular centaurs, mermaids, all sorts of mythological beasts that fall outside the fandom "mode", Naruto, etc. I find this one too broad not because I want the people who like this out of the fandom or anything, but usually it's because it's not what I'm talking about when I talk about furry . . . but really, what the crap do I know

8 - Any character with any degree of nonhuman traits whatsoever. This includes non-animal-like aliens, fey, humans with skin made of rock, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, etc. Which this technically all fits the definition of anthropomorphism, it's so far away from common "furry" that I have no idea why people need to muddle the definition on this point. Should they be excluded from the FANDOM? No, of course not; besides just "animals" furry is often about an appreciation for human traits applied to nonhuman things. In the most broad sense, furry IS just an extension of sci-fi and fantasy, it's just a reaction to the human-centric mainstream.

But if definition 8 covers the possible extent of the entire discussion, then why is it that we're using the same terminology for it and much, much smaller subcategories?…

Go check it!

Housepets now has a facebook page! It is also going to have a lot of early and exclusive content. I don't have a personal facebook page and still don't plan on getting one, but since a facebook page has been a commonly requested feature for housepets, I decided to go ahead an have one put together.
The poll again in case you missed it…
And said example pic

The thing I'm generally getting is there are quite a few people who consider my work a "safe spot". And I get that, I really do appreciate the fact that I can make the kind of artwork that can be shared with everyone, and not just furries.

But I have to ask, how are the following artworks completely "safe" in that regard?
Kyogre Pokemorph Redux by RickGriffin
Still Running Redux by RickGriffin
The Computer Room by RickGriffin
On the Ropes by RickGriffin
The Hookup by RickGriffin

Aside from the fact that not having nipples or genitals tends to allow plausible denial as to whether or not a picture is sexual, and in some/most cases their nonpresence might take the "edge" off (I'm not necessarily saying any of these pictures would be BETTER for being more naked or having nipples/genitals) they're still of the degree that it's a display of the human body (with animal heads and features). So I'm just wondering what makes this more/less safe than my example pic, which has nipples present but is not even remotely as pinuppy as some of my PG-rated nudes?

(As for the question proper I still think I'm leaning toward keeping most of my pinups in PG-13 territory but allowing myself the option of nudity if a picture seriously calls for it)
I currently have 65 sketched for sale on my new Storenvy storefront --…

If there's something not here you can definitely ask for it (Though I have already sold several of my popular pieces). Also, originals of the Housepets comics will eventually be up but since those will take a long time to sort, just wait for those.

Storenvy uses paypal, so if you do not want to use paypal just email me about a particular piece and I'll disable it from the storefront off and we can arrange something else.
So you know, you can watch me there…
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I'm gonna start taking commission slots today!  All inked pictures, similar to the ones I just posted.

Dec 2012 Ink Commissions by RickGriffin

One character - $50
Two characters - $75

If you want a slot, post below and I will give you a number, like [01]. Make sure it appears like that WITH THE BRACKETS in the subject line of your email. When you have a number, email me at

If you need to defer, just say so when you post below.  It's fine as long as you're not expecting to defer more than a few weeks.  I'll put you at the end of the list in that case.

I'll try to have at least one batch of these done every week (~8)

Um, no slot listings for now, because that'll be a pain to update constantly. But there are 100 open slots, so just get to it!