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Zootopia: Night Terrors p2

By RickGriffin
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I found a reference for Judy's apartment this time so I went back and fixed a few details
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Wow! This comic is really something extra in the Zootopia realm.

Thank you so much for showing and making it!

I really like the style and all the details as well as the overall quteness.

Both Nick and Judy are in tone with their caracter, and even though we do not know for sure, I guess the fox is starting to fall for her and hopefully vice versa.

I also like the way you have combined the story with one of the early concepts of the film. It's very suiting!

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Judy looks different from the film; it’s the facial proportions and eyes. But I like it.
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guys what he see is future

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Poor Nick I've been where he is wide snake from a nightmare
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I really like how you show the emotions in Nick and Judy, also you draw them really good!
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I'm not sure exactly what Celarrot is, but now I want some.
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What font is that you used in this comic?
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I think their cute!
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I Like This Page. I've Seen the Whole Thing on YouTube and I Like It.
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I do like how well you recreated Judy's apartment. The little details on the setting as well as the food items in Judy's frig are a nice touch.
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AAAAAAAH PLEASE TELL ME THERE WILL BE MORE I mean I love housepets but really THIS IS MY HEART oh please oh please
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Judy's face in the first panel is really funny. XD And Nick looks so alone in the darkness of the last one, it looks good.
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Its faithful to how their characters are. :)
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Very domesticated, I love it. :)
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So, after the Movie. They're both cops, but are not a couple, or if they are, they don't live together
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I don't think a couple HAS to move in together when they start dating. That's actually something I found rather refreshing about the movie. Yes, them being a couple would be really adorable in my opinion, but the movie started their relationship from square zero, and by the end, at most they would have just started dating, though that is of course up for interpretation.

Yes, Nick did say, "you know you love me," though it could either be romantic or platonic, it pretty much left it for the fan to decide.
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Yes, it was good that Disney for once did that. They tried to adress that problem in Frozen, but then she turns around and falls in love With another guy.

We also know that Nick went through the months of training requiered to be a police officer, all while hanging out With Judy
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" They tried to adress that problem in Frozen, but then she turns around and falls in love With another guy."

yeah but Kristoff and Anna have it very good handeled
He changed her ringtone, that's perfect! XD
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