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Bro, do you even yoga?
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I do yoga but, I'm not that flexible.
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Who'd have thunk an o'possum was less limber than a wolf?  LOL.
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That's just no fair.  Dogs are much more flexible than humans are.
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I yoga on the right XD
zmorphcom's avatar
XD Lovely ladies. :3
T-RESK's avatar
Really awesome drawing, that fox girl (is it a fox? xD) looks really relaxed and... well looks like she feels sexy xD which of course is true.
SuperElmoreSNES's avatar
Hey Rick I just that of some thing! What if there's was a housepets! rpg.
That would be cool. 
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Once try to make yoga ... do not lift me out of bed in two days.
I never did yoga before. She makes it look effortless, I would probably hurt myself doing that, Great story board^^.
o0Lonegamer0o's avatar
dat means its working
Sharrows's avatar
Love it!

Yoga is relaxing, but dang it's hard.
werewolf-dragon's avatar
nice pose Hildy, better then the others
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That's to say that canines and felines aren't already naturally that flexible!
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I remember Yoga in Gym class... the Bow pose was my favourite XD…
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That is all.
MuRcKuRy's avatar
lol clever desc. liner lol
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Who's the kitty on the left? She looks kind of cute.
Arnilo's avatar
And that's the day when one half of dA thought "it ain't so hard" and other half got badly injured.
MetalByakko's avatar
oh I like that picture and that pose doesn't look that hard :D
To do, but drawing that takes some skill.
The little background event is the best part for me :D
Combak's avatar
Oh man, that perspective threw me; I would never have gotten it if no one explained it. I thought you just drew the ceiling too low.
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Yoga's haaaaard.
gameboysage's avatar
So good she can give herself a pat on the head...with her foot XD
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