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Honk honk all aboard the bandwagon!
has this thing going where she wants people to, for some reason or another, put art in a chronologue of some kind! [link]

Actually this was fun to put together; let me tell you a bit about it:

1993? When I was young, I was obsessed with video games, even though I didn't get my first console until I was like seven. My parents were stingy about it, 'You'll kill your eyes' and all that. Anyway, in my video-game deprived state, I would imagine up video games based roughly on what I remembered seeing at the arcade; this is something of a terrible reproduction of Contra.
1995? Bino was a dog that I created when I was very young that I based on the golden-age Garfield strip collection that I had. Here he is in a 'video game setting'; again, I liked to think up the dumbest things off the top of my head.
1997: I'm funnier than Jim Davis! Woo
1999: Apparently my sense of humor died somewhere. This was another comic strip idea I had; another that you're not seeing was called Modern Fantasy, and featured two dragons hiding in the modern world. Original, I know.
2000: What you're seeing here is the very first scan I did with my brand-new scanning machine. I actually scanned this in 2001.
2001: These dragons you see here are my old avatar, Cual-Tan, where I was a . . . well, you'll have to ask me personally for that.
2002: Cual-Tan is survived by his being brought over to my fantasy story Imperial Reign, where he is actually a young dragon (like a lot of others assumed for some reason)
2003: "Chindy" Rick (my avatar after Cual), and a clip from my super-defunct In the New Age webcomic. Notice how the anatomy is amazingly terrible.
2004: Melchior (), a later clip from my webcomic before I switched over to sucky-looking pencils, my pika girl Jenna Pikanne, and Starspirit of Nowhere Man.
2005: Telemachus of Behind Blue Eyes, various characters from my pokemorph RP group, Riodekito from my becoming-a-novel In the New Age, the Wolf Angel from Must Be Dreaming, and the very first shot of my Furret avatar which I actually drew as a completely different character, then decided to use it
2006: INA Movie Going shot, Anubis from my comic Book of the Dead, Sir Eric vs. Nightmare in a commission I did for Ken Ringtail, rows of race models for INA, and of course me from my character sheet, and INA Shower Time.
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