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Quest for Improvement

Honk honk all aboard the bandwagon!
has this thing going where she wants people to, for some reason or another, put art in a chronologue of some kind! [link]

Actually this was fun to put together; let me tell you a bit about it:

1993? When I was young, I was obsessed with video games, even though I didn't get my first console until I was like seven. My parents were stingy about it, 'You'll kill your eyes' and all that. Anyway, in my video-game deprived state, I would imagine up video games based roughly on what I remembered seeing at the arcade; this is something of a terrible reproduction of Contra.
1995? Bino was a dog that I created when I was very young that I based on the golden-age Garfield strip collection that I had. Here he is in a 'video game setting'; again, I liked to think up the dumbest things off the top of my head.
1997: I'm funnier than Jim Davis! Woo
1999: Apparently my sense of humor died somewhere. This was another comic strip idea I had; another that you're not seeing was called Modern Fantasy, and featured two dragons hiding in the modern world. Original, I know.
2000: What you're seeing here is the very first scan I did with my brand-new scanning machine. I actually scanned this in 2001.
2001: These dragons you see here are my old avatar, Cual-Tan, where I was a . . . well, you'll have to ask me personally for that.
2002: Cual-Tan is survived by his being brought over to my fantasy story Imperial Reign, where he is actually a young dragon (like a lot of others assumed for some reason)
2003: "Chindy" Rick (my avatar after Cual), and a clip from my super-defunct In the New Age webcomic. Notice how the anatomy is amazingly terrible.
2004: Melchior (), a later clip from my webcomic before I switched over to sucky-looking pencils, my pika girl Jenna Pikanne, and Starspirit of Nowhere Man.
2005: Telemachus of Behind Blue Eyes, various characters from my pokemorph RP group, Riodekito from my becoming-a-novel In the New Age, the Wolf Angel from Must Be Dreaming, and the very first shot of my Furret avatar which I actually drew as a completely different character, then decided to use it
2006: INA Movie Going shot, Anubis from my comic Book of the Dead, Sir Eric vs. Nightmare in a commission I did for Ken Ringtail, rows of race models for INA, and of course me from my character sheet, and INA Shower Time.
© 2006 - 2021 RickGriffin
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Freaking awesome ^0^
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There was a great improvement from 2001 to 2002.

I think i would be at your 2005 lvl x3
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gosh. the 2000 pireoud has just boomd you up. your levle rate increced. what did you do there?
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2000 was about when I started drawing for serious
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oh. I see. :D You got an upgrade pack :D maybe I should make something like that, show how I progressed.
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You found your stuff from like a decade ago?
How'd the paper survive?
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Um, paper can last quite a long time. It helps that most of them are in spiral-bound notebooks and kept in closets I suppose.
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that's pretty intense... just goes to show you what elbow grease, more elbow grease, time and divine intervention can do lol
not to imply that you needed that much elbow grease....... or that you needed divine intervention... or that it took a millenium... but the contrast is quite amazing. great work ^^
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Man, now that is a from-the-ground-up perusal of improvement. What can I say? You turned damn awesome. ;)
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There as some OLD pics in theer!
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Well, I can certainly see some improvement... *giggles and hugs* You were so bad at this way back then. Then again, we all were.
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OH FUCK! you found your stuff from like 1993! that's insane! damn massive progress there! Ah man....that's such a trip!
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I did have a couple other old notebooks from my elementary school days, but I'm pretty sure that's picture's some of the earliest stuff that I have.

Back then, my older brother always drew way better than me and I was all like, pitiful because I would never be able to catch up. Well, now he's majored in Political Science and I am majoring in Art, so I guess I finally win. But it's sort of a hollow victory.
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Well, it's more of the lines your majoring in something that maybe he wanted to do as a kid, I don't really know you well to say, but I understand where your coming from. I have a cousin that was the reason that inspired me to be really into art. Like I knew I probley never be that great, but well then he got more into computers and sorta gave up painting, as I'm majoring in art.

Sometimes you find a lot of kick ass great artist, but they don't wanna do it as a living and do something else. It's sad to see sometimes. I mean I bet your brother is really proud of you! and it's best to show him you can pull yourself up more. I think he be happy for that. 8]
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ahhhh i remind a lot of my draws when i see your early draws ^^
and the last ones are G R E A T ! :D
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Heheh, so it's super-defunct now? As apposed to regular defunct? XD Still have the link... :P This has totally achieved it's purpose, tho: seeing you go from literally stick figures to what you can do now is HIGHLY motivating!!!! :D
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WHOA!!! This is truly a time machine!! :D
Your anthro works over the past few years have advanced rapidly to such thrilling qualities... it contrasts so powerfully from your early stuff of the Clinton years. Its like comparing today's jumbo jets with the lil' Tom Thumb locomotive!! ^_^
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Holy good grief! Amazing!
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Quite a vast improvement I say o.O You're sexy now. ;p
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Hehe! Actually, I want people to do it because I notice a lot of people comment or sometimes even "whine" that they will never be as good or yadda yadda. But in reality, all artists started somewhere and many of us weren't born "god at drawing". The project is to inspire and motivate and to prove that we all started somewhere, technically. ;) He, he. And actually, you're a fine fine example of this development and progress! Your art is truly gorgeous right now and your anatomy is really blowing me off! Props when you can draw them naked too ;) Thank you so much for contributing to the project! I have added this to the compiled collection that will be display after the deadline. ^_^
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