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Jenna Pikanne Character Sheet

Step right up and don't be shy,
because you will not believe your eyes.
She's right here behind the glass
and you're gonna like her,
'cause she's got class.
You can look inside another world.
You get to talk to a pretty girl.
She's everything you dream about...
but don't fall in love...
She's a beauty ---
one in a million girls,
she's a beauty.
Why would I lie?
Why would I lie?

I decided that I should draw Jenna a character sheet! In case, you know, you wanted to draw her, for whatever reason. . .
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((She is exactly like me for interests, and I'm proud. >:3 I also do gymnastics. .u.))
zmorphcom's avatar
She's lovely, well done! :D
yugijak's avatar
What's that poem from?
RickGriffin's avatar
That's The Tubes -- She's a Beauty
yugijak's avatar
It's an awesome poem, do you know who it's by?

Speaking of bys, BTW, do you read fanfics?
RickGriffin's avatar
I said, it's a song by The Tubes! And no, not usually.
yugijak's avatar
Oh, I had no idea that was a band. My bad!

So, what do you mean by not usually?
RickGriffin's avatar
I don't usually read fanfiction
yugijak's avatar
I know that, but I mean is there is a certain reason why, or are you just not interested in it?
RickGriffin's avatar
I'm not really interested
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You forgot that the end of her tail a small dent looks like a heart:heart:
RickGriffin's avatar
She was made before that change!
Rickomarr123's avatar
Ow man can you change to that style she we'll look BETTER:-)=DB-)
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So she likes boys then.... LOL, she's cute.
NKirby's avatar
Oh dear god o.o I usually liked mews...but she is hot! :giggle:
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vixen-wolf's avatar
-snickers- she sounds like a flirt
ChaosMageX's avatar
Awesome! Now make a sexy Raichu-morph!
Fullunar02's avatar
Wat a coicidence. You put up a Char sheet 4 her when i need to draw her. BEWARE THE FURRET WITH "FUTURE SIGHT"!!! (TM)
Fullunar02's avatar
whoops. sry 4 the typo. coincidence :P
Meshugeneh's avatar
She's butt naked!!!
carnival's avatar

hahahaaaa a perfect night X'D lol
Commodor-Richter's avatar
beautiful !! very beautiful !! =3
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