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INA - Dapper Riki

I had this sudden idea about formal wear for INA, although I really have no idea what roko would be formal about, or why their society would develop a top hat very similar to ours. I need SOME kinda hat designs though.
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Like a gentleman. :3
this is so cute and classy :)
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yur style is very similar to the artist who draws the web comic "House pets" I likee
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That's because I AM the artist who draws that webcomic
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ZOMG that comic rocks so hard. I love all the interspecies relationships. My fav is the pairing between the closet cat fur suiting canine and his cat loving mouse girl freind. i forget their names at the moment but that is so cool.

would you consider doing me a favor. I understand several of your readers have commented that they would like to see a full view of the last pannel showing him meeting his girlfreind. i love the looke on her face.

It's just well.. we cant see what position HE is in. He looks like he's playing a game of twister.

I would really apreciate it.

at any rate oh you are SO watched ;3
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Maybe if you catch me on AIM tonight I can send you the picture if I can find it.
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Oh i dont know what aim is. can you just submitt it here or is the sensoring for an actual reason 0.o and not just a joke?
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I'm not submitting it here because it's a crappy doodle
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aw.. would you send me an attachment to my email coonk9@Yahoo com
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Love the overall design :) Nice
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Fancy looking suit :D
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tidy coonie = high levels of awesome!
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also brings me back Sly Cooper scenes x3
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Omg this is great! I love the top hat and the look on his face ^_^
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really nice design :3
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oooh snazzy indeed!
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...that's surprisingly sexy for a classy outfit.XD
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classy and cool ^^
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Well, I like it! Very classy, very posh.
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Cool stuff!

My advice: if there was ever a pattern for classy formal wear, it's excessivity. The more there is, the classier you are. That means flamboyant clothes, tons of jewellery, and anything else you can possibly carry.
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wow, the colors are awesome.
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Must be going to a pretty Ritzy place to be wearing something fancy like that. ;P
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you're still very good at semi-realistic and really cute er.. imean..
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