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Housepets: Ball and Yarn

By RickGriffin
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The very first Housepets t-shirt available for you to purchase!


Check out my comic Housepets!
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flutterlicious20's avatar
I SO wanna buy this shirt haha
vixen-wolf's avatar
OMG peanut lolz hey i remeber that comic! like
"i peanut butter will play with this ball"
then "i grape jelly will play with this yarn"
then "ACK!" and jellys all tangled right?
Aruman's avatar
I love these guys! Nice pic!
Ryan-the-fox's avatar
XD this awesome and cute picture
sojh85's avatar
I Like Very Much Your Comic, Housepets~
skifi's avatar
Do you realize how your Housepets comics is becoming a big, big success? ;)
RickGriffin's avatar
It's okay I suppose, for now *giggles*
skifi's avatar
I admire your work since years ago, but you're doing a great work with the comic strip, I wish I were so talented x)
Pure-Destruction's avatar
I want my boyfriend to get this shirt for me. :)
Alabaster-Pony's avatar
so far to date i've read them all ^_^

just one question, why no bunnies in the comic?
RickGriffin's avatar
Haven't introduced them yet.

I do have one coming up though *Giggles*
Alabaster-Pony's avatar
YAY I cant wait to see the new strips ^_^ with bunnies hehe
Weswolf27's avatar
XD Nice one! I guess it is better to play with a ball huh? Won't get messy, great job :D
LilChu's avatar
thunderfox5's avatar
Looks awesome! I bet that looks great on the t-shirt :)
ampvkidd's avatar
Omega-Warior's avatar
LOVE IT! This should be a wall-paper!
taco85's avatar
:D :D :D :D :D :D

I totally want that!!! :D I :heart: Housepets!
Kakurady's avatar
Back to the first comic...


Although I won't be buying it, it's nice to know Housepets finally got a T-shirt.
seyrii's avatar
Now I would wear that one... What design software do you use? 'cause this is nice...
RickGriffin's avatar
seyrii's avatar
I have COREL Photo-Paint, which I think is similar, but I don't know how similar...
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