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This is an idea I have for a comic!

I have noticed in the newspaper comics and whatnot that pets are a recurring theme, because what could be more hilarious than your own pet to a cartoonist who has to keep a deadline? Not how they're doing it, apparently. I'm sure that beneath the stereotypes, molds and static images that there's still something funny to be found in animals that are owned by people. And why not take it a step further, and give them a voice and two legs to stand on, and two hands with which to play video games? And of course, if all else fails, I could delve into very much non-petlike issues.
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So, this is how it all began. 
Oh, wow. Nostalgia.
ketzalPAO's avatar
LoL!:D this great
No, I've never seen that happen before. Honest! (You don't buy it do you?)
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Better yarn than barbed wire ^^
theheroofthend117's avatar
a massive fandom for furries evrywere
Malak1147's avatar
And so...

A fandom was born that day...
divinedxthenxdivided's avatar
make this a webcomic!!
divinedxthenxdivided's avatar
thats awesome! maybe it can be in the funny papers some day
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Hehehe, that's exactly what cats do too. XD
Nice job! ^_^
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so cute...and a little problematic XD
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Le poor kitty.

What videogame do they own?
RickGriffin's avatar
I think I would give them Nintendo things, mainly because it's more fun. *giggles*
Kairyu-shin's avatar
Give them a Wii, and watch the fur fly!

Wii = Damage to property
Pets = Damage to property
Wii + Pets = ?
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Half the fun of playing with yarn is extracting oneself from the mess made afterwards. Anyone should know that by now. :P
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Very funny and cute^^...Compliment!!!
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Cute idea. I love their expressions, particularly the overzealous kitty. I look forward to seeing more of these!
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Now this is a cute little thing. Admitted, pets are a big thing in a lot of comics- "Funny Farm" focused on a Dog and Cat initialy, "Dandy and Company" had many Dogs -but they can make a really good plot device. Anyway, not meaning to continue on what you said. I love this for it's cuteness, for a Fanboy I am.
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Reminds me of the Dog and Cat from sinfest :D Cute!
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It's funny cause it's so quick! A+!
AlmightyNabeshin's avatar
...acursed yarn... You'll get yours!
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